Can I get rid of modes on flashlight?


I am new and I recently got a “WholeFire XHP90” flashlight, I am really pleased with it but the only problem is that it has various useless modes where it will blink and strobe which is really irritating. I have to go through these modes every time so ot takes several clicks and flashes to turn off. I wish it could just be on and off that would be perfect.

I unscrewed the top and the board behind the LED has 4 wires coming from it and going to the switch. Is it possible to somehow change the wiring in a manner where it will go only to on/off?

Many thanks in advance.

Yes. The driver controls those modes. You could bypass it and connect directly to the LED but I'm not looking at that unfamiliar light. It might be better to get a different light with configurable driver.

Better buy a convoy with 12 groups and select/program the 1 mode only group.

XHP90 does not exist by the way. Can you post a closeup picture of the LED to determine what led is in it?

Sideswitch plus unknown LED. It’s just not worth it.

Btw., the TO also asked on TLF.

Not without replacing the driver.

not really.

anduril is a great UI

you CAN just short around [bypass] the driver, but it may burn the led up

i have done that but only with CR123A non rechargeable cells,. they do not seem to have the current to burn anything up

and you may need to bypass the switch, and turn it on off via twisting
yes i have done that too

Pix of the driver?

Most cheap drivers only have a FET to turn it on/off (including pwm), and a few parallelled chip-resistors as ballast (current-limiting), with a µC controlling the FET.

I lobotomised a crappy AT01 by bypassing the µC and FET and just having the LED current go through the resistors.

No pix, can’t advise further. Sometimes it’s as easy as a solder-bridge, other times just resoldering one of the LED wires to a different place on the board.