Can only log into BLF in Chrome incognito window, why?

Hi everyone,

I can only log in to BLF using Google Chrome’s incognito window (where plugins are disabled).
I have tried to log in in both Firefox and Google Chrome with no luck, even after deleting site cookies and disabling the adblocker and Ghostery.

Anyone experience the same issue or have an idea why I can’t log in unless i use Google Chrome’s incognito window?

Welcom to BLF :wink:

I use Chrome, and it have never had any problems, can’t help you on that.

Nice username :wink:

You mean you get to the site, but can’t log in?

Have you tried unchecking all of your extensions and then going one by one until you find out which one is causing the issue?

What other extensions are you using, and what are your cookie and site data settings?

The problem might be that your browser is set to reject all cookies, not just third party ones.

Thanks for all your replies.
I found out the issue was caused by Dashlane password manager in both Firefox and Chrome.
If I store my username and password for this website in Dashlane, then I can’t log in anymore. Even if I don’t use Dashlane to automatically log in, but just type my username and password manually and click log in.
I have never experienced this issue on any other forum or website and I’m using a lot of different forums. I would guess some of the other forums use the same forum software, so I didn’t expect this to be a compatibility issue between Dashlane and this website.

I think Dashlane is an awesome plug-in/password manager (except for BLF :smiling_imp: ) and I use it to automatically generate secure and individual passwords for all my web accounts and automatically log in to them again whenever I open the website. It’s free to use if you don’t use the synchronization option to sync Dashlane to all your devices and get automatic

Thx, as a fellow Dane I guess you knew the Hellesens battery company. Probably the best know battery brand in Denmark back in the day. Duracell and their then owner bought Hellesens in 1986-1992 and Duracell still owns the Hellesens brand, but I don’t think they use the name for anything anymore.

Interesting facts about Hellesens and it’s founder, Wilhelm Hellesen who invented the dry cell battery.

And a couple of articles in Danish about Hellesens with old pictures from the factory etc.:årbog/Årgang%202006/Thorndal,%20Jytte%20-%20Energi%20på%20dåse.pdf

Hellesens had some cool looking batteries, with a Tiger on them. Everyone knows a Tiger is much cooler than a bunny, like the Duracell bunny that was later copied by Energizer. In Europe it’s still known as the Duracell Bunny, but in the US it’s now know as the Energizer bunny.

The Danish brewery Carlsberg even made a “Hellesens Unite” special brew beer, designed to look like a Hellesens Unite battery cell for Hellesens 75 years anniversary in 1992. It would be cool to have one of those battery beers :beer:

Hello guys, I’m here because I just found a Hellesens type 734 battery in an old storage, and this is the only place where I found some pieces of information about Hellesens.
So I’m excited to talk about this. I’ve just got 2 of them. Apparently, if I trust your picture @Hellesens, my type 734 batteries are from 1970 so they are 50 years old right now !
It’s written 1.5V on it. I tested the potential with a voltmeter, and the battery still delivers 1.51V so it’s not so much discharged. (For comparison, the Duracell 1.5V batteries I just bought today delivers 1.63V). I believe this is a rare finding, and it may make you happy guys. I’ll try to post some pictures as well.