Can runtime on Anduril lightning mode be calculated?

Is there a way to calculate runtime for Anduril lightning mode on a Rot66 XPL-hi 5k? I'm assuming it won't use much power at all in that mode, but I don't know for sure. Would like to know if LVP would kick in too in that mode and shut everything down?

LVP should still work in lightning storm mode. It “steps down” from blinkies to a low-ish steady level, then proceeds through the usual method from there.

However, calculating runtime would be pretty difficult. You’d need to measure average power use over a long period of time, because the brightness and frequency of the flashes is completely random.

Thanks ToyKeeper! I will run it for an hour then and see where the cells are at and if the drainage is slow, I'll bump it up to 3 hrs to get an overall idea.

Please report back!

Will do. Charging the batteries and will run the test tonight.

Started the 60 min lightning run test with batteries at 4.160V and they ended up at 4.149V which is just great in my books. I don't think it's worth doing a 3hr test anymore after knowing it drains so slow.

It can occasionally be nice to put on a thunderstorm audio track while lightning mode is ceiling bounced, and run candle mode aimed into an orange pill bottle. But I haven’t attempted to measure the actual power usage of it.

Haven't tried candle mode with the orange pill bottle yet, but last night I did run my thunderstorm track whilst using lightning mode and honestly it was so realistic that no one would have known any better. With Winter dragging on up here, it was really nice to trick my senses into feeling a Summer storm.