Can the rusty and damaged batteries be used again?

Transportation or storage of batteries often results in battery bruising or rustcry

We tested the battery capacity, internal resistance,as good as new products

But is there a security risk to use those batteries? Thank you

Here are some batteries

sony vtc4 rust

samsung 26F rust

Sanyo NCR18650GA PVC damage

Samsung 25r steel shell sag

Sanyo NCR18650GA steel shell sag

minor rust can polish off.
damaged sleeves can be replaced.
dents are a danger though.might cause an internal short without warning.

No, absolutely do not use, send them all to me for proper disposition.

PM for shipping address

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Thank you very much for your advice.i need deal with those batteries with a impressive discount

but who will need those ugly batteries

Many kinds of batteries have this problem,headache

Maybe, the members of the forum can get free batteries, but need to pay the freight.
Do not know if can apply for this kind of activity, there are a lot of defective battery in stock

Mmm, I may be interested in at least a few high current cells for battery pack assembly, 6x Sony VTC4 and maybe a couple Samsung 25R for flashlight usage. No problem with rust for me, though not really confident in using dented 25R cells in a drill pack.


Cheers (^̮^)


I would be interested in batteries with damaged sleeves, and maybe minor rust but wouldn’t touch heavily dented cells.

I couldn’t let you put yourself in such danger!

No, send them to me. I’ll dispose of them properly.

All 1 pc free,ok? and sony VTC4 rust USD 1/pc, sony vtc5 rust USD1.5/pc, samsung 25r sag USD 0.5/pcs, GA sag USD 2/pc,samsung 26f usd1.3/pc

All batteries are guaranteed to be original , good performance and never use

If you're interested, we can put all the defective batteries on the list,for show

Mmmkay Trisky, how about posting the defective cell list you alluded?

I'd find convenient to see a few more detailed pics of the dented units in order to discern if they're worth the risk.


Cheers :-)


I’m interested in some non dented ones.

Do those prices include shipping costs?

How much for GA with damaged PVC?

Interested to try out the NCR18650GA (PVC damage, no dents), since I haven’t found any seller of that battery that ships here.
Not sure if any shipping method is available for my country though… Both Gearbest and Banggood do not ship here.
Many AliExpress sellers (eg. LiitoKala official store, PKCell store shipped here last month, but not anymore starting this month, for some of their batteries) are starting to not ship to my country in the past month too.

mapache, maybe Trisky meant to say damaged wrapper GAs for $2 a patch. Let's wait a bit to see what he says for the units with dents.

Right now I'm interested in betting for a truckload of 25Rs -0K, ;-) not that many-, some Sonys and 26Fs. But I'm still undecided. Let's wait for a list and additional pictures if Trisky is really into this.

May all beings be happy. (^̮^)

Cheers ^:)

Cheers ^:)

Thank you for your attention. Recently out of the warehouse, , this weekend is expected to be completed statistics, The defective batteries also has blue 25R, 30Q, VTC6, Samsung 20R, Sanyo 20700A, Sony VC7, VTC3, 26FM, 22FM, and so on

By the way, is the forum banning the sale of discount products? Thank you. Is there any better way?

shipping cost is high, if free shipping,we will lost money,so need oder more batteries will be ok

I know some commercial sellers charge some fees for shipping of cells, due to regulations and the limited amount of postal companies offering such service.

As long as you can keep the shipping costs nice enough, like some sort of minimum order quantity base fee plus a small rate per additional cell piece, I believe this could work.