can we clean up the forums??

Or organize it or something??
I started in on that in the 26650 forum where, at one time, 40 of 50 visible thread were stickied reviews…
How about in the BLF lights forum, we would have sub forums where all the q8 stuff is at, GT70…etc etc…

BLF is intentionally a pretty free-form place where the organizational structure is loose and threads are not required to stay on topic. This is largely due to excessive moderation at another forum, where organization was taken way too far. BLF takes a more balanced approach.

Sorry, seems you’ve confused organized with over-moderation of off-topic-ness… I thought it was more thought police at the other place…

Just seems logical that all Q8 threads would be ‘sub-forumed’

Q8 Dual footprint, quad LED copper DTP LEDboard interest Lis
Q8 3rd batch or the same as 2nd?
“Group Buy” Interest: Q8 MCPCB for Luxeon V/SST40/XML/XHP50 Emitters
LF Q8 lighted switch started to blink erratically.
BLF Q8 user interface / manual /request for a video

well… you get the idea… It’s more to make it a resource forum than the wild west. Zip about content….

.02 :slight_smile:

If you have a subforum for every flashlight you will have a hundred thousand different subforums.
If you’re looking for something about a specific light just use google and add “” to the search.

That’s what the search widget is for.

I don’t expect sb to make a new category for every new light with more than one thread. The categories are primarily for structures which don’t change much over time.

You might find this link useful for locating all the current events:

And for something specific, I would recommend the focused google search mentioned already.

I think the current traffic and “feel” of the various subforums is still ok….if the traffic vol increases like 3x then yeah maybe there might be a need to further seperate things up.

There’s a search field on the top left of the page. It exists for a reason. Your life will improve leaps and bounds if you use it.

That would require a lot of work for someone to continuously keep adding new sub forums… there are many flashlights being released every single day. And to make matters worse, sometimes you have the same light being sold under different names.

This would just add a level of complexity that someone would have to manage. And BLF doesn’t have that someone.

What you are suggesting is completely unnecessary, but that’s just my opinion. You can easily use the Search function to find threads related to a particular flashlight or topic.

Yeah I agree
There is absolutely no need to make a ton more of non-permanent subforums.
10 years from now people will not be talking about the Q8, or X flashlight every day.

There is no point in making the forum more complicated than it already is.
There already are more than 30 different subforums.
Imagine if there were 100 and you had to scroll down super far in order to find anything.

ok, so someone did it for the 26650 forum and the 40 stickied review threads…

and you’d only add ONE subforum for a light. Q8 and all it’s attendant threads…

BLF could always add a mod or two….and no, that doesnt mean it’d turn into that other place…

So you’d rather scroll down for minutes through hundreds of subforums instead of just using a search function?


you’re really missing the point.
How many lights are in the BLF special editions forum?
And all the different light specific threads?
why then have separate 14500/18650/26650 forums?

I just use the search function when looking for something. Works perfectly for me. I’m not one to break something so I can fix it.

Didn’t there used to be even more stickies?

Don’t question Justano. He’s the R guy, not the questions guy.

I never even look at the subforums so to me it matters not what they are.

If I’m just browsing I’ll look through recent posts and if I want something specific I’ll search.