Can you share the runtime of your tactical flashlight

Can you share the runtime of your tactical flashlight.
I have a small test with my favorite tactical flashlight: Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper
I would love to see the results of your favorite tactical flashlight.

Is a tactical flashlight one that has a button that doesn’t make a click sound when you turn the light on? So that people cannot guess your location?

In the dark, I think light is easier to detect than noise

Tactical seems to be a requirement for this review. What distinguish a tactical flashlight from a non tactical one?

And more importantly, what is particular in the tactical mode that could influence the runtime?

Sure thing,
Here are the run times of a Streamlight Protac HL 5-X

Which I reviewed here:

I think my Lumen measurements are a little low. I am still working on my Lumen Tube.

Run time on High First 10m

Run time on high

All the Best,

An extremely impressive number. Can you please state your room temperature?

I didn’t make note of the room temperature when testing the light.
But considering the date, it was likely to be about:
74F-75F which is about 23C-24C.
I run the tests in my office in a commercial building so the temps are never very warm or cool.
I didn’t record any thermal measurements during the run time tests.
My new test setup will hopefully do that.
All the Best,

I tested the Armytek Doberman Pro:

A previous, excellent review had tested Turbo 1 and Turbo 2:

So for my test, I decided to test the runtime of the the 150lm medium mode using a Keepower 3500mah:

The light is rated for 150lm x 10hrs.

My results were pretty consistent with that.

It maintained full brightness until here:

At which point it flashed twice, then dropped down to its next lowest, 30lm mode.

It then maintained 30lm for another hour, at which point it dropped into moonlight mode and I ended the test.

Overall pretty excellent runtime.

I plan on re-running the test later at 350lm.

I don’t think I own any lights that qualify for “tactical”
To me, that means:

  • forward-clicky,
  • tail switch,
  • starts on high
    And I don’t have any lights to meet the first two requirements.
    But, I have a ZL SC62 and SC62w, which should do pretty well on the runtime front. I’ve planned to eventually do an XHP70.2 boost driver single-celled build, which I imagine would do pretty well, even better if done in 21700 or 26650 size.

Other than that, I have my modded L6 which should be able to run for… Over 36 hours at a bit over 150 lumens. But that’s theoretical. And then if we’re really talking about runtime I’d want to start with a Q8, throw XHP70.2s in it and an efficient boost driver.

So yeah I guess it all depends on what you mean by tactical

You forgot the most important part. That aggressive attack bezel! lol.