Can your torch burn paper? At least this can.

…. with a 5 minute runtime.

It strange 4100 lumen can burn. I am sure many of us here have torch that is of higher lumen than this.

It aint the world’s most powerful flashlight

But this flashlight is halogen, not with a LED …

i heard its build quality is very horrible

Wouldn’t it be easier to just use a match? :stuck_out_tongue:

it would be cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:


Back in its time (like 7 years ago) this thing was really impressive. Still is, in a way, IMO. They bought the design from Mac over on CPF. He started out by selling them in customized Mag hosts. There’s your flashlight history lesson for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 Thanks!

Flashlight history isn’t a course taught at the top 10 universities in north america, suggesting that there is a gaping hole in what we are teaching the leaders of tomorrow

The parts is on its way to me. I am going to build this.

Wicked Lasers is junk. Poor quality control & way over priced. Take a look around LPF.

Extremely dangerous!!

Dang, $70 for a battery? Not for me.


I just curious why dont the op use this Redirecting..._p162140.html which is much cheaper and have the built in 9v xenon

Another thing is why must it be a 9v xenon? If we buy the glass and put it into xml t6 wont it work?

cool tid bit...

:stuck_out_tongue: Ha, I was also going to reply along the lines of, “Sure, my torch can easily burn my entire house down. What do they think they call them Ultrafire for?

I have the same question too.

Why can’t we buy for $5.99 and replace the glass optic? Anyway, the picture on CNQ shows that it is a 6v instead of 9v