Canada Customs apparently giving away free Knives for Christmas.

I had an order from FT that contained 4 knives that I noticed was spending a long time in Canada once it reached the border. Turns out the package was opened and inspected, no doubt due to the presence of the knives. Anyway, given it is the season for giving, some CBSA Officer was obviously in the spirit and decided to give me yet another knife for Christmas (see item on lower right of shot). The blade was deployed exactly as in the picture. My spouse pointed out that it’s good I did not take my finger off trying to fish items out of the package, (lucky I poured the items out I guess, and it dropped into my hand with no damage to me). Anyway, Merry Chritmas to all of you, even if you don’t get any extra knife you were not expecting for Christmas - this one got here just in time!

That might be a $1000 utility knife :bigsmile:

Aw come on Bort! You can plainly see there’s only 2 snap off blades left and the end cap is missing, it’s only a $210 utility knife now…

does government property actually depreciate :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t fully checked my order, maybe they grabbed one of my knives and started to open other packages with it instead.

BTW, I should probably add some useful information to this post while we’re at it. For those that are tracking such topics, this particular FT order was placed on Nov 20. Interestingly, I ordered a monocular from Ali on Dec 9, and it also arrived at the same time, whereas the T5 LED Emitters I ordered from Simon, also via Ali, on Dec 6, are not even showing on tracking as arrived in Canada as yet. That monocular seller goes to show that shipping times do not always have to be painfully slow.

maybe that was a high frequency knife?

Should kindly inform the government department that they left dangerous goods in the custody of your resealed package.
If they would like the return of said dangerous good, it will require $1,000 donated to the charity of your choice for either the return or destruction of said item (after they’ve provided a suitable vehicle of carriage to you free of cost).

I’ve actually been considering sending them a note, just been too lazy to try and figure out where to send it to. Plus having been part of that system for so long, I realize in the end all it will do is result in an email going out to all staff reminding them not to leave their box cutters in peoples packages. It would have been very interesting however, to see what would have happened if I in fact had sustained a significant injury. I’ll bet the first line of defense would have been to blame it on Fasttech!

Clearly what happened was someone opened the package, maybe at the end of a long morning, dumped all the contents on a counter where they also set their box cutters down, someone came along and reminded them it’s time to go for lunch, and they quickly stuffed everything back into the package that was laying on the counter. After lunch, not really caring where they left their box cutters, they simply grabbed a new pair. It’s kind of ironic when you think of the significance of box cutters associated with 9-11, and the Gov’t sends me some that are open and ready. In fact, in spite of all my new knives, I did use them this morning to open my presents, and I must say, they worked very well!

Your taxes at work :stuck_out_tongue:

well, maybe he/she sliced off a chunk of flesh by mistake and dropped the knife in your package while screaming in agony… Do you have a UV light to check for blood? :zipper_mouth_face: