[Canceled] Sofirn SP70 BLF Edition

Exactly the same light. Wurrkos took over a few Sofirn models that didn’t sell very well.

Installed Blue’s springs and it reached over 8000 lumens with the PLB 5000mAh cells

About what kind of duration did you see? Or did you just do momentary lighting via tail switch? Also, where might these “Blue’s springs” be procured?

BlueSwordM has made batches of low resistance springs in the past, but I doubt you can still get them. You can also just do bypass wires. Similar results, but springs are more reliable than wires.

With what led? I don’t believe the 70.2 can reach that high.

I’m curious, are there any lights that are powered with li-po batteries? Probably a stupid question, but I’m still very curious. Get much better run times and consistency out of a li-po, I would imagine.

I have not seen any.

Flashlights tend to work best with cylindrical cells. Most of the LiPO batteries I’ve seen are not cylindrical. If they do make them, there must not be many to choose from. With lithium ion you have a ton of choices.

Maybe a light could have a built in liPO cell with a built in charger to match? Seems possible.

My first-run SP70 is fine under the MCPCB, but I think I got lucky.

As for the driver, 7135s should be avoided with any battery voltage exceeding 6V. Just because the one in my L6 still works, doesn’t mean others will - in fact, I tried it in my SP70 and it failed permanently-on.

The reflector is fine. I think the biggest problem we were having is that it’s much shallower than we’re used to for reflectors this diameter.

A 70.2 can reach that high. The only question is getting the power there. As I recall, DB Custom got some great numbers out of the SP70 with bypassed springs, 21700s (maybe 40Ts?), and I think a swapped FET.

I tend to take Dale’s lumen measurements with a grain of salt. He also tends to use “turn on” numbers with a cold led. So, hmmm.

From what I recall, a raw 70.2 on a bench power supply can’t even do 8,000 lumen. Maybe it can, but just barely. Put it in a flashlight and obviously the lumen output will go down.

I’m just saying.

Sorry to get off topic.

I talked to Barry about the Getian GT FC40 HighCRI LED. It seems Sofirn is quite interested in testing this LED but so far there’s only an 8.500K standard CRI version listed on Getian‘s website.

Has anyone got some information where to get the 4000-5000K 95CRI version and if there’s some datasheet available? I don’t know if this LED would come into consideration for SP70. If Sofirn were to develop a 12V boostdriver for XHP70.2 and GT FC40, the SP70 might be a nice host for it. Just thinking...

Or think the other way: SFT70. (Simon has a sample), a 6V domeless led with 3500 lumen and the luminance of a XHP35 Hi. That makes the SP70 a nice thrower.

but why would anyone want this light using the boring xhp35 emitter ?

Four 26350 and a replacement driver could do, right?

So many interesting projects … I need to get into this driver thing :weary:

Because the SFT70 has 60% more output than a XHP35 Hi, and probably a very clean beam profile.

The GT40 makes a nice quality hotspot, but wide, and the throw will not be great.

Agreed. I have forwarded the datasheet of SFT70 to Sofirn. Their engineer will have a look at it. As you mentioned before, this LED could probably be a nice, much cheaper alternative to SBT90.2. Since Sofirn is just launching another interesting thrower (SFT47T) with Osram Boost HX and SMO reflector, that host could be the right thing for SFT70 as well. It offers a 2S configuration with two 21700 cells. All it takes is another driver (shrinked SP70 driver?), different gaskets and a wider reflector aperture to start testing. :-)

Texas Ace got over 10k from a cold start on the bench. His heatsink couldn’t keep up at high currents. I wouldn’t be too surprised if a pair of 30T/40T could hit 20A+.

And yes, turn-on/cold led numbers are different than ANSI or other measures. But when we’re talking about hot-rod turbo runs they’re the number that matters.

Back in May 2019 on the SP70 with 20 AWG bypasses, I recorded 8640 at start, 7900 lumens at 30 secs (maukka calibrated #'s) and measured 15.6 amps on two 2070C cells. 8500 is probably do-able with a better driver, better cells, etc. Not sure even if it's the best LED (P2 bin) in there.

There’s only one 26350 cell that I’m aware of and it is quite weak. It has a lot of voltage sag when used with a FET driver so it’s not a good choice at all.

No. It didn’t actually. That is an old test from before his lumen tube was properly calibrated.

I would like Sofirn to sell a smooth reflector for the SP70 .