Candlepowerforums is "dead" to me.

I started on cpf almost 2 decades ago and have been here for years. I deleted my email account that i started each with years ago and have new accounts on each under the same user name. I started on cpf way before joining here but grew to love this site more and more. This site talks about literally every type of flashlight and I have learned so many things here that I see now being discussed on cpf when there’s activity there. What’s your opinion about why that site is declining? I know there’s people here who are members of both sites and are great people and contributors. Just curious what your thoughts are and if they align with my suspicions.

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Here we go again…. :innocent:

What do you mean? I didn’t mean anything rude. I started there, but it is literally a ghost town. Sorry if I offended you but I bet I was there before you. Please elaborate.

It’s not the first time this topic is being discussed here… I read in another thread that CPF still gets a healthy amount of unique visitors, even more than BLF if I remember correctly. But all the active members are either shifting to BLF/Reddit or the content is just repost. So maybe for some reason people still think cpf is a relevant forum for useful information.

Also, how did your reply align with what I asked? I’ve been friends with Vihn on Facebook after ordering lights from him since before you were a member here so your smug response catches me off guard. Do you have an explanation or are you just the edgy guy?

Thank you for a sincere answer. I’ve noticed the same. But as far as viitors to that site it’s sô different and always recommends threads fróm years ago. I just started a large family if you consider having a new child every year for the last six years large so I haven’t spent enough time on either site to realize this topic is common. Thanks for elaborating.

It’s a topic that has been brought up before… and generally, it often goes wrong. People becoming very disparaging of CPF.

In short, it’s true that there’s very little traffic at CPF compared to here. I think at heart it was a management issue. Changing management didn’t help. It’s a little odd there, as the old brands from the early 2000’s are still lauded there, like Surefire, Malkoff, McGIzmo, Elzetta… and also custom hand crafted LED flashlights that are super expensive. A small subset of the old guard is still there, still active… it’s their friendship living room I guess. CPF still has a wealth of great info there and some nice members who are amicable. But BLF feels like it has more natural light and a lot more going on. I hope CPF can hang on… as it’s always good to have multiple forum offerings in a hobby domain.

Truly appreciate this response. That’s pretty much what I figured, but been a little out of touch being busy. Totally confirmed my suspicions. Just wanted a more informed opinion. Thank you. Guess I can put this to rest, especially as it seems i was beating a dead horse unbeknownst to me. Have a good one.

Sorry, I missed your response. I appreciate the genuine reply as well. I haven’t had a lot of time to browse these forums so I didn’t realize this had been a common theme. Appreciate your cordial response which is one of the major factors in my preference to this site. People like you make this site what it is.

Claiming to be a long time member on both forums in my view kind of implies you might be aware of previous discussions about cpf. Sure sprinkles’ comment wasn’t full of useful conversation but I don’t think it was intended to be rude either. Your response looks like you were prepared for an argument. Out of respect for sb most here try to avoid getting heated.

I first started out on the other site. Actually there were two sites.
I used to be a (modest active) member of CPFmarketingplace.
The CPF site I frequented only for reading a bit, I was no member there.
When the two merged into CPF, my post-counter was reset to zero.
Around that time a lot of people from CPFmarketingplace stopped posting.

If I over-simplify things a bit, there are three groups left.

- Those who buy very expensive lights, but a bit reluctant to order something.
Always worried a more powerful version is introduced before they receive their order.

  • A large group who are convinced a SF 6P is not vintage but very much alive.
    -The brave few who want to expand the flashlight universe beyond BLF.
    and spread the word that fantastic powerful light also can be made … by yourself.

Over all I think the recent changes make it harder to find the real action on CPF.
But there is still a wealth of info available for those who own a “vintage” light.

The title is a bit misleading, the CPF forum is still operational, it would be more accurate to say its dead to you.

Yes, it’s that time again, time to wash my dirty laundry.

Ok, all clean now, until next time.

Hi there Onthebrightside, I’m pretty sure none of the responses here were meant to rude or dismissive. Please be careful to avoid giving the impression of being combative or argumentative.

Also, as others have suggested, I changed the title for accuracy and to avoid hyperbole.

What others were alluding to was the fact that threads here about CPF tend to devolve into a mudslinging fest. While I am thrilled to see so many users choosing BLF, I’m sure there will always be another crowd that prefers CPF. That’s not a problem for us, the internet is a wide, wide world. Facebook and Reddit on the other hand….ahem.

As I understand it, the control freak who chased a lot of us out going back years is now gone. I wish CPF well, but like you Onthebrightside, I don’t feel the love or need to return there. BLF has been a good forum, lots of intelligence/smarts/knowledge and occasional wit that makes it worthwhile to stay here.

These cross forum comparisons can degenerate fairly quickly. On the main, I learned a lot from CPF, and there’s a wealth of information there. Many years ago when I was very new to lights and wanting to spend a bit more than usual on my first performer, I asked about the first of the Eagletac M3C4 and apparently made a mistake by asking for a comparison with one of the early 2x18650 Ultrafire throwers with apparently similar output and beam. I didn’t get banned, but I was told I wasn’t allowed to post anymore about cheap Chinese like I was some sort of troll and the ability to post taken away. I could still log in, so not a ban, just a gag.

Yeah, that mod really ruined it for me pretty much from the start. I had a genuine interest and genuine question apart a massive price difference between two similarly performing lights and was shot down for asking a question. Area51 or DM51 was it? Some name like that anyway, him and a few very anally retentive people meant I just used it as a library after that and didn’t talk to anyone.

And of course, what did I do about my difficult light choice? I bought both, and they both work superbly well to this day. :slight_smile:

Well this took a turn real quick. So, while my comment wasn’t productive in the sense that it added to your point of view on CPF, I was only alluding to what others have subsequently explained: threads about CPF tend to devolve into unproductive conversation fairly quickly. Given how long you’ve been involved in both forums, I assumed you might have known that or have seen some of those threads in the past. My comment certainly wasn’t meant to be rude or edgy. As you mentioned, BLF has always been the more inclusive, accepting, and friendly place, which is part of why I made the permanent move here some years ago.

Sounds like you and I are about the same, in more ways than one. I joined CPF 10+ years ago and BLF shortly thereafter. It’s crazy thinking it’s been so long!


That’s a lot of kids in short order! Good luck to you man!! (My six are spread out over 12 years.)

You sure about that?

(Your math doesn't add up.)

For me, CFP contains too many ads. Furthermore, the one at the bottom really frustrates me because you cannot hide it. It takes up viewing space.

Is there some reason why you can’t block it with an ad blocker? With Ublock Origin I can right-click, and select Block Element on any element in a webpage.