Can't decide between Convoy M21D or M3-C -in FC40-

I’m really wanting a side switch extremely cheesy warm thrower and general purpose warm light. Already have a C8+ in amber, looking for a little different. I’m wondering just how much more throw the M21D has vs the M21E/M3-3 (which are roughly the same size reflector). Does the throw/flood of the lights differ very much?

I don’t know if the extra bulkiness and top heavy design is worth it vs the M3-3, I like the design of the M3 for potentially slipping in a coat pocket without getting hung up. And the overall feel of the M3 looks like it would be more “comfortable” and usable. Any help would be great!


I don’t have the M21D but I have an M3-C.

The M3-C is not a lightweight. That thing is built like a tank. Overall, the construction is beefy. It does fit in a jeans pocket but if you put it in bezel-first you can feel that bezel digging in a bit. A jacket pocket would definitely be no problem. I really like mine with the 26800 tube extension since I get extended battery life and perhaps more importantly, a longer handle that fits my hand better. When it comes to pocket feel, I’m sure the 26800’s weight doesn’t help but I think the shape of the bezel is a bigger factor.

I can’t compare beam characteristics but I can say that the M3-C has a very nice balanced beam and I enjoy it.

BTW, the M21D is actually 8 grams lighter than the M3-C. (batteries not included)

Buy the one that you like now, because it’s just a matter of time you will buy another…


Not the answer you want to hear but buy both and compare. They are cheap enough. Worst case scenario, sell the one you like the least.

I have the M3-C with 26800 tube and it’s my favorite host, not too big and not too small, decent beam pattern and good runtime

M3-C is good except it suffers from the ‘I can’t find the power button in the dark’ issue. It’s one of those things that normally you don’t even think about, because it’s almost always easy. I did like the FC40 and its beam, but again and again I couldn’t locate the button, and it pissed me off enough that I sold it.

I would actually suggest the M26C with the FC40 if you like a beefy light. The beam is very similar to the M3-C’s, and it feels awesome in the hand. And it has a tail switch, which I prefer. It’s kind of what I was hoping the M3-C would be.

Decided to go with the M3-C because it seems very robust and well balanced over all, easy to tail stand and pull in/out of a pocket. Wanted it to be side clicky and good throw/flood mix, I think it will be perfect. Might have to add something on the body to guide towards the button when it’s dark, I’ll have to think on what could remedy this.


I glued a washer on one of mine and a wire ring on the other. M3-c is my go to outdoors.

The M21D has a 60 degree spill beam, the M3-C 70 degree. Thermal performance/sustained brightness is similar. I added DC-Fix to both for a floodier beam.

I pondered the same lights and chose the M21D (to get first).

I wanted the larger reflector for slightly less floody beam.

I also have other 217OO lights without onboard charging and like the idea of being able to use the M21D as a backup charger if necessary.

The M21D’s battery tube is a little long for the Samsung cells that I have, so I bought a spacer from Convoy to take up the slack.

Overall I love the M21D with the 4500K FC40.

I don’t know if it matters to you, but the M3-C doesn’t support USB C-PD charging, it needs a USB A to C cable for the onboard charger. I figured it would have the same charging circuit as my M21F which happily charges off USB-C, but the M3-C doesn’t. Which was a big letdown, personally, because the M3-C host is just so satisfying (especially with the 26800 tube).

1Lumen reports that the M21D does support proper USB-C charging.