Can't find a P60 drop in that ticks all the boxes...

Endless types of P60 drop ins out there, but can’t find one to the spec i want, does anyone know of one meeting my requirements please?

Brightest XML to date,
Not just ‘Cool White’ but ‘Ice Cold White’ 8)
Only 2 modes [HI/LOW]
Direct drive on high [Or at least 3.0A]
Powered by single cell

Gonna whack it in my L2P. Currently has the ‘As Supplied’ drop in, but I’ve never been overly impressed by it :frowning:

Ice white. No thanks, but then I like to actually see in colour :wink:

You could build one. Very easy and cheap. Or take a look here:

This one, but it is not Ice cold, just cool white. I do not think there is Ice cold for the brightest XM-L yet, in this case the XM-L2 U3 would be the brightest.

Perfect Chicken, I knew you’d know. :slight_smile:

As a complete ‘Know nothing’ myself, Which of the led’s would you recommend? I want a bright, brilliant white colour, no noticeable blueish tint or subtle tones ….

Cheers Hikelite, You answered my question as i typed :wink:

Ice cold white would mean noticeable tint of purple or blue :)
The only one which will give you a cool white tint without much tinting is the V6 2C, there still is some subtle tone but if you don't compare it to other sources, you will perceive it as cool white without tinting.

This one:

And you can select the 2 mode driver option. Go for SMO reflector if you more throw and a sharper defined hot spot. Or OP reflector for a more even floody beam.

Emitter wise. Either:

- Cool White - XM-L2 U3 1A

  • Cool White - XP-L V6 2C

I think you’d be happy with either. Don’t think there is much difference between these either.

The 1A should be the cooler of the two.

Ordered … Many thanks to you both, Your help is appreciated 8)

How about a nice smalltalk with bushwhacked:
He does real magic in building custom dropins. I already own two dropins masterfully crafted by him and would always consider his work again, once i’ll be in need for a new special build!

I’m sure you’ll be impressed with it.

Update …. Arrived today, just back from dog walk/field test.

Spot on Chicken, VERY impressed. I never realised a P60 light could have such performance! [Shows how pi55 poor all the stock ones included in lights I’ve bought before are]

Great recommendation, Thanks for the help 8)

Such fast shipping? 9 days?

Glad you like it. I’ve just received a new L2 host so I need to order one too :slight_smile:

Yep, 9 days, I’m amazed.
Most of my orders from HK/China take at least 15 days + usually … Well done to the vendor 8)

I also ordered a dropin and some other stuff the from intl last week, got delivered yesterday.
8 days from order complete untill delivery, amazing!