Captive Switch, Direct on/off, Rechargable, Slim&short, Not black?

I’ve been hunting for a torch with the following feature list, but not having much luck. Does anyone know if it exists?

  • Captive Switch. Either a captive twisty head or a button.
  • Single mode, or 2-3 as long as the single click (or twist) is on and off and the change mode is a longer press or other method that isn’t triggered during normal use.
  • Rechargeable. Ideally through a standard connector like USB, but a proprietary one is ok.
  • Slim and short. I’m thinking 7cm x 1.3cm or less. Flat but fat form factors like the TIP wouldn’t work.
  • Not black.

It doesn’t have to be particularly bright, but I’d like ~30 lumens and if it can burst to 100+ that’d be great. It doesn’t have to be any particular battery, I’ve just put it here as AAA seems to be about the best choice capacity-wise for this size. Floody would be good, but that seems the norm on torches this size.

Everything I’ve looked at seems to have one flaw or another, does anyone know of a torch with this combination of features? It’s hard to tell with a lot of the twisties whether they’re captive or not.

Kinda doubt anything that small (AA, let alone AAA) would have built-in charging.

You know that some knob will stick an alkaleak in there and try charging it, with predictable results. :person_facepalming:

Howbow a Sofirn SP10 that comes in red and/or blue? Takes anything from an alkaleak to a 14500 (NiMH/LiFePO4/Li-ion) without breaking a sweat.

May i ask what a "captive switch" is ? (sorry for my poor english)

I understand the words but can't figure what the result might be and neither my usual translations helpers nor Google gave me a real answer.

Captive means it’s held in place by something else, like the twist head on the Convoy Tiny. A captive twist head won’t continue to unscrew and come off. All buttons are captive.

I’m quite happy to go for 3.7v-only, or even a sealed battery. There are plenty of the 10180 lights that are rechargeable and small enough, but all the ones I’ve seen either don’t meet the interface criteria or have wierd charging port placement (or entirely separate chargers), plus the lifetime generally sucks

Sofirn was the first place I looked as I’m the owner of an SF11 myself but this is a gift for someone who found the interface a bit complicated.

The SP10 has more options than the SF11 so that’s out of the picture. It’s also a little larger than I’m really after, the smaller AAA lights that can get lost in a pocket or just about fit on a keyring would be ideal.

Shot in the dark, but try Wuben (E-series don’t recharge as far as I know, but they might have others). Lots of necklace(!) lights and the like, quite nice. Gold, pink, probably other colors aside from black.