Car flashlight: Small Sun SUN ZY-C10-S or SS A100 ??

I'm having a real hard time coming to a decision.

I already have two single 18650 zoomies: the compact UltraOK 7W VS-05 is my flashlight-to-go, the bright-flood UltraFire Z3 rides my bike. My car, however, is feeling a bit left out. It does indeed have a phallic 5xC-cell MagLite-of-old, but it does NOT have a handy 18650 zoomie with great flood for changing a tire, looking for lost keys and reasonable throw for... whenever you could need throw. I like zoomies for their versatility and the car flashlight needs to be able to handle anything.

The ideal car flashlight would for me be a zoomable XM-L T6 single 18650. Since it needs to fit in the glove compartment rather than in a pocket, I wouldn't mind an oversized head/reflector that the XM-L T6 would probably benefit from. Flood is more important than throw, but I don't mind if it throws well too.

Well, I've found nothing that fits the bill, so I've sort of settled for one of these:

1. Small Sun SUN ZY-C10-S, well liked, $15 shipped, sporting a generously sized head but "only" a Q5 emitter. Seems like a great flashlight, but might leave me wanting for more output.

2. SS A100, is said to flood like ...well ALOT, $20 shipped, does have a XM-L T6 but that little head looks like it doesn't throw very well. But throw is secondary and so is looks. But, seriously, before I bring out this ugly thing out of the glove compartment - it better be an EMERGENCY... But then I can bring 1600 genuine china lumens! :)

I really can't make up my mind. The SS A100 might be the better one for my needs. But it's also more expensive. And ugly. But, yeah, that doesn't matter. So much.


Anyone know of another suitable XM-L lamp?

Get a headlamp :slight_smile: Much better for changing a tire!
I have the Smallsun. It would work for changing a tire but the flood beam isn’t super wide.
I keep a Princeton Tec EOS headlamp in my glovebox for car emergencies. A small 1AAA light is kept in the driver’s side arm rest for small tasks where a headlamp is overkill.
I don’t buy ugly lights. Life is too short :slight_smile:

+1 - I like the c10 but it isn't much of a flooder stock...

imo, buy a portable jump starter

something like this

and get a 12V light you can plug into it or the vehicle

i don't keep li-ions in my vehicle...

Seems like the SS A100 is the better choice. Not really a fan of headlights, I have a couple but it turns out I never use them...

Still, seems like the SS A100 is pretty similar to the TrustFire Z3 I already own. Perhaps I'll hold out until something better appears.

How about a non-zoomable C8 XM-L for 20$ or the greater version of it, the Xin TD for 30$?

Which model are you talking about? :)

I already own the TrustFire Z3, i wrongly wrote UltraFire Z3 in my first post. It would indeed make a great car lamp, the only thing stopping me is that I already have one and would like to try something else. :)

Runtime is more than satisfactory, even with my cheapo ebay UltraFire "4200mAh" batteries. Also, I would need to get better batteries to run a 2x18650 light, right? Will probably get some Trustfire 2400mAh flames from manafont laters, seems the given choice for the budget-minded.

The Z6 does look great, though. I will surely consider it. Would like a cheaper flashlight-only deal though.

Between the C10 and the SS A100 go with the A100. Like others have said, the flood on the C10 is very narrow (I have one) so that's one strike against it for your needs.

The A100 is actually cheaper too since you would not have to convert it to XM-L. Add $15 for XM-L and driver to the C10 and you're up to $30 plus time & effort changing it out.