Car Port recommendation

I am looking for a long lasting metal car port that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Any body have one they would recommend?

I do, but I am using it and I made it myself. :person_facepalming:

I would to but building materials are crazy.

I had one done by a local metal building seller/manufacturer.
It’s been solid for 35 years. Have no idea what it cost or if it was cheap or not.
Think it was only a little more than an assemble it yourself version back then.
I think I’ve got my monies worth by now.

Are you looking to buy a DYI kit or have someone do it for you?
Maybe you should get some local bids for a complete install to see if they are in the ballpark $$ of the kits?

After putting up the carport, the inside temp of the garage dropped like 20F in the afternoon at that house.
And it let us fill the garage to overflowing with all the “other stuff” we seem to collect.
All the best,

maybe not an arm and a leg but at least part of one — I was in the building industry my whole life —I’m truly amazed at the junk they produce and what they charge to produce it

At this point I’m not sure what I want. Open to suggestions. I don’t have a garage. Need something to put a tractor in. I originally was going to build a garage but never got around to it. Now prices are through the roof for everything and I’m getting too old to do cement work and roofing. Framing a one story I could still do. A low pitched roof wouldn’t be too bad. I suppose I could pour a floor in 4 sections to keep it small. Prices still would have to come down a lot. I refuse to pay almost as much for a garage as I did to build my house. Amish put up pole buildings around here fairly cheap. Not crazy about the look of a steel building next to my house though. This is why I was thinking get away as cheap as possible with a car port.