Car USB charger

Not really about lights, but have a question on these chargers.
A friend at work wants to buy one to charge her EGO E-cig and cell phone. Not knowing a lot about these, I did a little looking online and all I saw were 5 volts output, at 1000 mahs and up.
I told her to check her wall chargers and see what they listed as output. Waiting on her to look, I checked online and saw most EGO E-cig battery chargers were 4.2 volts output and around 450 mah. Her’s battery is a 900 mah battery. Not sure what her cell phone is.
The USB car chargers I have saw locally were 5 volts and 1000 mah. Would this not be a bit to much for her E-cig?

I assume you want to charge an 18650 in the car? The WF139 and many others have a 12v input. The WF139 does not come with that cable, you have to get it separately

A few days ago we had a thread on pretty much this topic but under a different name.

Seems an ecig exploded (sorry, vented with flame ) in a car from using the wrong charger.

Details are not confirmed but it looks like some of the ecig manufacturers might be using USB type connectors that don't conform to standards re voltage.

Saying that 5V might be "a bit too much" for a 4.2V battery......well........ just don't go there!

Her phone will almost certainly be USB standard if it uses a micro-usb port.

If her ecig charger is a wall (AC) unit, perhaps you need to look at getting one of the "can-type" inverters that plug into the lighter socket and using her regular charger from that. They should be easily available in Auto stores.

Thanks for the replies. Gonna try to talk her into a cigarette lighter inverter.

Isn’t she using a cig lighter to usb adapter and then plugging in her ego charger into it? That should be fine. So it would go like this.

cig lighter -> usb adapter -> usb ego charger -> ego

That should be ok as long as she is using a good ego adapter.

If she resists reason show her the burned car.
Actually should probably show her either way.

If you can find an usb ego charger that has an actual charger chip it could be ok. Often it seems they are just a 5v pass through or contain some junk components but no actual charger chip. I would not trust one unless I opened it and identified a true CC/CV chip.