Cardboard flashlight

I just built a flashlight made of cardboard.

It's just a prototype for a special purpose and I can post a final version some weeks later, but I think it's interesting and/or funny enough to post it here, too.

It's an R2 drop-in from DX with the driver taken out, instead I use my own micro-controller based driver (ATtiny13), it runs on 3*AA in a case with switch I had lying around.

It is operated by touching the two copper wires with a finger. The little black switch shuts it down completely, but could be omitted, as the power consumption is very low when not operated.
Without the switch it might even be waterproof (not tested), as it is completely taped and the two little punctures for the touch wires can be sealed with glue.
Changing the batteries will be a hassle though :/

Modes: whatever I want, currently a special secret blinking mode :steve:

Cool light! : ) Now all you need is an inductive charging system and it will be completely sealed!

Fancy. You did consider some added heatsinking for the final version i guess.

It could save on packaging too. Just slap a shipping label on it and send it on its way!

@Budgeteer: It'll only do a slow strobe with ~0.6W average, but it will get better heatsinking, too: It'll be molded in clear resin (without the batteries), that's the reason for the touch-sensor (no moving parts).

Love it!

That's my style. Except you missed out the duct tape!

Duct tape will make it water resistant. :bigsmile:

Thats a great idea Doc! One could easily mount several XM-L's on a 1/2" aluminum front plate and use the rest of an old equipment box to house a substantial battery pack and small cooling fan. Its such an obvious solution for the "garage fabricator" that it took a genius to figure it out. Haha! Good job... Cool "The Franken-light" is born.

DrJones presents... CardboardFire!

Can you tell more about the project? What it will be used for? I would understand if you wanna be quiet about it but if the info is "public domain" i would love an explanation. :)

It'll be a special light used for a night cache (geocaching). There will be some special reactive lights in the area which can only be found with that special light. Geocachers will find that light in a box, put their own batteries in, take it around to find those stages and finally put it back. It'll be out there for months, that's why the light must be quite weather-proof - except for the 'external' batteries.

Had to google for geocaching 1st to know what's all about. Ok, but why would the geocachers want to put some batteries in a flashlight with momentary finger activation? Also leave a note to go out an buy 2 AA alkaline batteries to operate. :)

Geocatching and tasks with special tools - I love it.

In which state (ist das der richtige Ausdruck für Bundesland?) of Germany will you place it?

Budgeteer: "Why would they want to..." Well, they will have to in order to solve the cache, because their ordinary flashlights will not find the stages :) A note to bring 3 AA batteries will be on the geocaching website.

There are quite some sophisticated caches out there. This one should be at least a bit interesting. I have plans for cooler ones :)

Buwuve: Hessen

That explains alot. Thank you. I wish you all the best with your project! :)