Cells from laptop pack: need containers for cells 2x, 4x, 8x... who's the cheapest? $.98 at fastech???

Went to the local HelpUSNow★ outlet and bought an old WIN98/Toshiba notebook for $24.99 (thought I could resurrect it for some of the people I assist) but after a buncha hours it was a no-go with bad hd sectors found (jpg’s, doc’s and txt’s found/discarded) Running an XHDx10 flushemupthewazoo DOS program as I write…

broke out the battery pack and got 4.11x9 - 3x2.015 for the other three

Charging two of the 4.11’s and they seem to be okay

Ebay seems cheaper compared to fasttech with a quick search of 1 and 4 cell version.
If you don’t have protection in your device then it might be worth it to get the protected version of 18650 holders.

Plus the simple black ones come with thin wires and getting the battery in… well I cut away part of the plastic so it’s easier. But when getting it out you have to be careful with the + pole of the battery, on mine it likes to get stuck and nick into the green sleeve on my battery. I have old Sony’s green ones, look just like yours on the picture.

Thinking the same - look like Sony OEM cells.

The majority of protected battery cases on ebay.co.uk seem to be from the one chinese source . - Recycle Powers

Anyone have any experience of quality / reliability - A protection circuit is no protection if it’s not reliable!

i opened up an old dell pack recently and got those cells too, sony, i believe, anyone know the capacity of them?

Only real way to tell is to do a discharge test on them and see.

Differs, they usually have a name printed on them and you have to look that name up.
Mine are 2400mAh, US18650GR, when tested they discharge 1400mAh@0.5A and fully charge to 1700-2200mAh@1A max. Have to try and discharge the last one that charged to 2200 if it gained some capacity magically or not. 30mOhm.

But even with the same name they could be different I think. Mine are from 2005-2006.


I don’t understand your question. I’d like to help, since you and I have found the same source for 18650 batteries.

Are you looking for a way to rebuild your laptop’s battery pack (“container” being the black case at the RH edge of your Daily Fishwrap), or a storage container to keep them from rolling under the sofa?

IFF you want to repower your laptop, all I can suggest is eBay for a whole new (or NOS) battery.

If you want storage containers, I personally try to find torches for all mine!! (Except the ones charging, of course) :bigsmile: Seriously, I’m also interested in finding boxes for the spares.

Full Disclosure, I have a set of these exact batteries. If you have a computer repair shop near you, they will likely have a collection of “dead” laptop batteries… They may want you to swear you’ll properly recycle them, but most seem happy to send me away with their entire collection! Usually (IME) the batteries themselves will be fine, but the recharge-protection circuit will be dead. As you see already how to extract the 18650s, you can accumulate huge piles of them in a big hurry this way. Hence the idea you might want Storage…

Sorry to be no help at all, but I could do better if I understood better what you want.