CHARGER advice please.....

I’ve been using a PILA charger the last 7 years to charge up my 18650 cells , never had a problem……I’m in the market for a quality charger that accepts 26650 cells and is under $75….any advice is appreciated !

All my chargers are from Liitokala and they are really good. No issues at all so far. 26650 fit as well.

Been using Nitecore D4 purchased from Amazon for under $30.

  • Opus BT-C3100 (charges @ upto 2A / cell, measures internal resistance, calculates capacity)
  • Miboxer C4-12 (charges @ upto 3A / cell)
  • LiitoKala Lii - 402 (cheap, works great)

Thank you all for the charger recommendations !