Charger for protected 26650's (longer cells don't fit well in my i4)

Hi, I’m looking for a charger to fit a pair of protected 26650’s, ~70mm long. I have a Nitecore i4, but the longer protected cells just barely squeeze in, and in fact two of the 4 bays don’t allow them to seat in at all (I could only fit them in bays #2 and 4). I also wouldn’t mind getting a slightly fancier charger that displays voltage, remaining time, capacity, or some combination of those relevant details.

So I’ve been looking at the Nitecore D2, or the XTAR VC2/VC2plus. I like the idea of using the charger as a power bank (as in the VC2 plus), but this isn’t essential.

I mostly want to be sure that the longer protected cells fit before I order, and be sure I’m not missing any other good charger options, current coupons, etc. TIA!

The new Xtar SV-2 Rocket Charger can handle cells as large as 32650, charges at 2 A, but does not have voltage read out.

Thanks! I hadn’t seen that one yet.
In this case I’m more concerned with the capability to accept longer cells, not bigger diameter, and I’m not too worried about charging speed.
Does it work with longer protected cells?

That sucks!

My Liitokala serves me well and fits all my cells

I imagine so, even my VP4 handles the very long Keeppower Protected 26650 cells my Nitecore D4 gags on.

The review by “HKJ” shows a limit of 71mm……as follows…
“The charger uses the typical slider construction with a metal rail and works smoothly from about 30mm to 71mm, i.e. the charger can handle long protected 18650/26650/32650 cells.
Notice the long metal bar at the plus connection, this makes it possible to handle 32650 and D cells, it also means that flat-tops with very retracted plus pole may need a magnet to connect (The flat-top cells I tested worked directly).”