Charger Recommendation for 21700 to replace Nitecore SC4

Hello all,

I'm currently using a Nitecore SC4 as my main charger. I recently started using 20700 and 21700 cells, the former only very barely fits the charger bay. Otherwise, I really like that charger due to its portability and charging speed. I wanted to ask if anyone had better suggestions that fit my requirements. I'm currently looking at the MiBoxer C4plus, and I'm open to suggestions before I make a purchase: I looked at HKJ's list and this seems like a decent one, but I probably have missed some others which I should consider.

Features I'd like:

  • AC input port only, 100-240VAC in (I travel a fair bit and would prefer a all-in-one package over having a separate AC Adapter to carry)
  • 4-bay
  • Needs to fit smallest AAA and largest 26650/21700
  • Preferably at least >= 1.5A/4bay and >=2A/1bay
  • Multi-chemistry (NiMH and various Lithium)
  • USB output is good but not required.

It looks like MiBoxer also has many versions of the C4, so I'd appreciate any input on the key differences and things I should avoid, or look at. Are there any BLF discounts I should be aware of? I heard both favourable and unfavourable things about MiBoxer though. Likewise, I'm open to Littokala chargers but many of their good ones require an external AC power brick which I'd like to avoid.

Thanks for your help BLF!

These can fit long protected 21700 batteries:

Miboxer C4-12 (new 2-button version) = can charge up to 4x 3A
Vapcell S4+ = can charge up to 4x 3A

Xtar VC8 = USB-powered, but needs QC2.0 to charge 2x2A or 4x1A

Hi, thanks for your suggestions, unfortunately I have looked at those and they all didn't fit my requirements:

Miboxer C4-12 - only has DC input (I'd like AC input)

Xtar VC8 - not a 4-bay charger and doesn't have AC input

Thanks for your suggestions!

That’s kind of a tall order since the ones that fit your requirements have an AC to DC power supply, either internal or external since you charge batteries off of DC, not AC. Even ones without the external power supply still have a bridge rectifier and internal SMPS.

Well that's exactly what I mean; I'd like a charger with the power supply in-built for travel reasons. The SC4 is perfect for this, just a little too small for 21700s unfortunately. Looks like the Miboxer I'm looking at is still the best contender!

That’s pretty much your options. Golisi has the S4, but it only does 2A charging on one slot. It seems like the tree CD is switching to the QC3.0 chargers. Most all of the high output chargers have external power supplies.

Stay away from Miboxer, their chargers are bad. I went thru three of them to learn that.

I have acquired recently the vapcell s4+. Check it out if it fits your needs.

I have two Miboxer C8, one Miboxer C4, and one Miboxer C4Plus. They all work perfectly. I use the C8 mostly and it stays pretty busy.
Miboxer had a lot of big discounts last year and I stocked up :smiley: I suspect they were just clearing out their inventory on Amazon US because I don’t see them on there anymore. The chargers are still on Amazon, but I don’t see Miboxer as a seller.

There’s like 5 versions of Miboxer C4:
C4 the original
C4 Plus
C4 Upgrade
C4-12 Upgrade

I like the C4-Upgrade. It has both an AC and a 12v DC input. (though the 12v input is the most important to me). The C4 original won’t take a 21700 cell. C4 Plus doesn’t have a 12v pwr input, C4-12 is more money and I don’t need the higher current. C4-12 upgrade I might like because they added temperature display.

I know they say that the C8 will take a 21700 but there isn’t as much room as the C4-upgrade. That could be an issue with some of the other C4 variants…………not sure. But I do like the space that the C4-Upgrade provides for the 21700 cell………….there’s actually some room to pull the spring back to get the 21700 cell in and out.