Charger Tin Build - LM2596 CC/CV

I thought I would try one of these DIY Buck LM2596 CC/CV Li-Ion Charger boards as a little project today.

It seems quite interesting as it can charge to any li-ion voltage and has adjustable termination and current selectors.


I have some of these small metal tins and decided to make a case for the charging board.


There was still plenty room inside after I added a 12v power socket to the charger that I scavenged from an old Charger Soshine SC-S7 so I added an Ammeter and a Mini DC Voltage Meter


The tin has a round neo magnet epoxied to it and a matching magnet on the board heatsink pad to wick away some heat.

There is also a rectangle magnet on the lid for holding the cells in place or the screwdriver bit when not in use.

The two charger leads have magnets soldered on to them and epoxy on the back, they are set to repel each other.
Kept in the tin is also a leatherman flat bit for adjusting the various dials on the board.

The great thing about the extra meters is that it’s a lot more conveinient to setup the charge voltage and current, just plug it in and adjust the pots while watching the display instead of using a DMM.
It also serves as a quick battery voltage checker.
The tin is insulated with stickyback felt.


Some more refinements - potted the board and added larger magnets, one fixed & insulated to lid


Nice job CRX ! Ingenious and portable too !

Somewhere , in a box , I do have something like this ( if my memory isn't playing tricks to me... ), but I don't remember what the middle potentiometer is doing (the one with "L") ? . And one more question : what power source did you used ? I'm thinking that your idea is great for charging single cells used in my EDC !

Thanks !

The middle one is for the charging indicator light only

Input Voltage: 5-35V
Input Voltage Must Be At Least 2V Above Output Voltage
Output Voltage: 1.25-30V (infinitely adjustable)
Constant Current Range: 0-3A (infinitely adjustable)
Maximum Output Wattage: 15 watts (without external heatsync)
Dimensions: 49mm x 23.4mm


I’m using the 12v lead from my Opus charger but you could rig it for a wide variety so long as the input is over 7v.

Thanks mate !