Chargers and who's who @2020

I lost 3 chargers that were plugged in and need to replace them. (wet snow)

Yay for having the old basic night core Icharger from 7-8 years ago away from everything else or I would have no way to charge anything.

I am now looking for a good 4 slot and 8 slot chargers AAA, AA, the whole slew of CR123r through 26650s, and a couple 21700s Most of you have the idea.

The chargers that I lost were in the 3 year old range and I kinda miss the Xtar 4 slot charger with the readout all the bells and stuff.

I looked at some of the reviews by HKJ and he is not really impressed with many of the ones that have come out this year.

I would like to have 2A charging for all of the slots of a 4 slot charger, if possible. The 8 slot charger is a bulk charger and I understand that most of them don’t have 2A to each slot when they are full up.

Digital read outs and being able to adjust for each type of battery and slot would be preferable.

So whos and what model do you recommend?

Xtar VC8 and Vapcell S4 are what come to mind first. VC8 is 3 amps for 8 slots, and S4 is 12 amps for 4 slots. There are many others to choose from. Ranging from super expensive to budget. I like mid-range budget for my flashlight life.

Maybe you can take a look at our chargers again :smiley: :wink: :beer:

I) 8-slot:
a) (outlet-powered)
I personally like the Miboxer C8 — it auto-balances the charging current of each slot, based on the battery internal resistance, and will auto-balance the charge current when one or more slots finishes charging.

(what I mean is: eg. if 8 slots are used, then max charge current for all slots is 0.8A (indicated on the display)
but if 7 slots are used, then 0.85A ; 6 slots will get 1.0A each ; 5 slots gets 1.2A each ; 4 or less slots get 1.5A which is the max charging current of this unit)
BUT, if one or more slots starts to get near full-charge state, and those use lower charge current — that power will then automatically balance to the remaining slots so they can charge faster (up to 1.5A per slot)

- Miboxer C8 fits unprotected 21700, but is just short of fitting protected 21700 batteries (can fit 8x unprotected 21700 at the same time)

  • individual charge current for each slot user-selectable (can also select all slots for changing charge current via different button press)

b) The Xtar VC8 is also good and is probably the most full-featured USB-powered charger, but the limit is the USB-power:

  • if USB power source is the ordinary 5v/2A, then max charging rate would be 4x 0.5A or 8x 0.25A
  • if USB power source is QuickCharge 9v/2A, then max charging rate goes up to 4x 1A or 8x 0.5A (fewer slots can go faster, like 2x 2A)

- Xtar VC8 fits 8x protected 21700 batteries at the same time (although as mentioned, they won’t be charged fast if all slots are used)

  • VC8 is like 2 chargers in one, the left set of 4-slots can have 1 charge current, while the right set of 4-slots can be selected with another charge current; but not individual slot
    (the left set of 4 slots has additional capabilities like doing capacity testing — but it means all the left 4 slots are doing capacity testing)

II) 4-slots: my suggestions (outlet-powered)
a) Vapcell S4 Plus = 4x 3Amp max charge current; length: fits protected 21700 ; width: fits 2x 26650 + 2x 21700

  • capacity test function ; auto/manual charge current selection ; powerbank function

b) Liitokala Lii-600 = 4x 3Amp max charge current; length: fits unprotected 21700 ; width: fits 4x 26650

  • capacity test function ; auto/manual charge current selection

c) Miboxer C4-12 v2 = 4x 3Amp max charge current; length: fits protected 21700 ; width: fits 4x 26650

  • informative display ; auto with manual charge current selection

I think the Opus BT-C3100 is still good but is getting a bit old, it still has lots of functions and also fits unprotected 21700 batteries. (2x 2A ; 4x 1A)

I purchased a Vapcell S4 Plus. I have to say pleasantly surprised so far. Seems to like being full and going all out No over heating yet. 2 weeks of off and on usage and it has been a champ.

I may Pickup another one.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain about how or why you were using chargers in wet snow.

Miboxer no longer makes/sells any chargers. :-( Their brand is now used for totally different products.

Window in Garage was broken over night, snow entered through said window. Did not find out about the window until the next morning. Chargers were sitting on a work table. Yeah I know never leave things charging unattended.

That’s probably true… but I still see some formerly “Miboxer” chargers being sold online, like in Banggood, and also a few other online sources…

Provided the charger works as intended and doesn’t malfunction prematurely (and not really mind about possible warranty issues — since it seems the “Miboxer” is not around anymore, I feel that they’re still good to use).

I suppose if longer warranty is important, then may have to cross out Miboxer chargers… (I got Miboxer charger from BG before and they did address issues that I encountered with the charger, if problems occured within a few days after receiving and using the charger)…

If you find the need for a smaller, 2-slot charger, I got a Littokala Lii-S2 for $13.50 a while back and honestly it charges my Li-ion cells better than my “new version” i4 Intellicharger or my DLYFULL T5 Test Charger.

The Lii-S2 holds my unprotected 21700s just fine, and has user-selectable charge current, and will charge NiMH, Ni-Cd and even LiFePO4 with user selection of voltage. Charging isn’t the fastest, but it will do a single cell at 2 amp.

I just wish it was USB-C input instead of Micro.

My cells often come off the other chargers at 4.15 to 4.17 V, but the Liitokala seems get them to 4.18 to 4.20 much more reliably.

Really glad I got it and more packable than the bigger chargers.

Oh, and I like the “retro-green” LED display.

Aha. I was picturing someone intentionally setting them in snow… “That should keep those batteries cool!”, etc.


Lightbringer, what do you make of Xtars VP series chargers?

Me? No idea. Ain’t got any yet.

I’m already hip-deep in my Opi, almighty Miboxers, Zanflares, Nitecores, from back when I was trying to find The Charger™, and GB and others were having hella good discounts like every week.

I just popped in here to see if there was any blazing new tek that might be of interest.

Don’t need snow to keep them cool, was 9 Degrees Fahrenheit last night. :smiley:

Is there anything "better" than Vapcell's S4+ charger right now? The only device that matches or even surpasses the S4+ charger in terms of reasonable features is the SkyRC MC3000. Unfortunately, it barely accepts unprotected 21700 batteries that have to be squeezed into the slots. So far, SkyRC does not seem to be interested in upgrading this model or in launching a successor.

Then there's the Miboxer C4-12 which has less features than Vapcell's S4+ but offers perfect voltage termination at 4.19V - 4.21V. I cannot tell at what voltage the S4+ settles batteries yet but I hope it's closer to 4.20V than most of my other devices that leave batteries finished with a resting voltage of 4.12V - 4.17V. Too sad that Miboxer has stopped selling chargers.

Then there's the BLF charger project by BlueSwordM. As much as I am looking forward to seeing this charger come to life, I doubt it is going to happen anytime soon.

I’m in the market for a new 4 bay charger too. Protected 21700 capability is a must.
So far, it looks like nothing fits the bill as well as the Vapecell S4+.
What about Nitecore’s offerings?

Better? Well that depends on what you are looking for I like the 3A charging for all channels and the over all performance so far.

I am only a single source on the internets so research out a bit more. I am biased to my own choices, and I am not you.

I am still looking at getting a second charger 4 possibly a 8 channel charger It just kinda depends on my mood.

This kind of sucks because there are VERY few chargers that can do what the C4-12 can do.

3Ax4 slots with 4x26650 and 21700 support. I also like having all of the different current options it has.

Heck I’m looking for a backup with those features and would be happy to find a decent one that does 2A on all slots for around the same price.

VC8 seems Ok, but needs an additional QC PS. Also HKJ gave it a meh rating.
Vapcell S4 also had some issues in his testing as well, but was somewhat solid.

Maybe multiple Xtar SV2s, but then I’d have to deal with multiple wall warts and tight fitting 21700s

Someone else mentioned that Miboxer is still alive, check this website

However, we're unsure if "Miboxer charger" is still affiliated with "Miboxer" (a different division? or a separate company now?)

chargers that can do 4x3A charging (that I know of, there are likely others that I'm not familiar with):

a) Miboxer C4-12 v1 (single-button) = supports 4x 26650 & 4x 21700 (but may not fit longer protected 21700)

b) Miboxer C4-12 v2 (two-buttons) = supports 4x 26650 & 4x protected 21700

c) SkyRC MC3000 = supports 4x26650 and 4x unprotected 21700 (unprotected 21700 are a "tight fit" for the MC3000 though ; won't fit protected 21700)

d) Vapcell S4 Plus = supports 2x26650+2x21700 or 4x protected 21700 (the 2 inner slots won't fit 26650 when the 2 outer slots are occupied with 26650 batteries)

e) Liitokala Lii-600 = supports 4x 26650 and 4x unprotected 21700 (won't fit protected 21700)

Thank you for the guidance! I must have missed some of that information above.