charging 18650 Li-ion batteries with my Accucell 6?

I found a flashlight I want and it takes 18650 li-ion batteries. I am purchasing these batteries for it. I am an rc airplane enthusiast and I have a couple of Turnigy Accucell 6 chargers I use to charge my lipo batteries. I know it's capable of charging li-ion batteries, but I've never charged li-ion batteries before. I know I could just order a quick charger for these batteries, but I'd rather not spend the money if I don't have to.

My question is do I charge these batteries with the Accucell 6? What rate, how long, etc?

First off welcome to BLF.

I made a battery holder out of a Ultrafire battery holder. Than simply set it to the LiPo charge setting 3.7v(1S) and I use 1 amp for 18650s and let it rip.

Thanks, I was also trying to figure out how I was going to make a holder for the battery so your photo helped a lot.

No problem, I used some really long screws on the back holder so I can adjust them to fit 16340s or 14500s and small screws on the front so my biggest protected 18650s fit. The other nice thing is you can close the cover so if a battery starts to vent while charging you can chuck it out the window without getting burnt.


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I've recently bought an 18650 holder from eBay - it's 1S4P (link below).

I am using it in a bike light and want to waterproof it somehow and charge it directly from a Turnigy 6 charger. Is this charger capable of charging this pack? Is it safe enough to do so?

I'm assuming it will be OK as the cells are all in parallel. Has anyone any idea how long a charge would take?

At present I'm charging them 2 at a time in a conventional (DX) charger.

Thanks for any help folks.


Holy hell E1320! It looks like you were about to charge that 14500 cell at 6amps 22.2 volts! Lol, you probably were not but I had to say something. That screw looks like you just ripped it out of drywall too

Murman, welcome to BLF. I am into RC cars and I charge all my 18650 Li-ions with the Thunder T680. You will have no problem and E1320 suggested a very safe charging rate. If you have good cells (not ***fire) then you can charge at higher currents. Just practice safe charging procedures as you probably already use a LiPo fire safe bag and don't leave it unattended.

DX now has single 18650 holders so you don't have a butcher a good case:

Thanks Kaknut, I put one in my cart at DX. That saves me from having to make one myself

sorry for digging up old thread, thanks E1320 i use that same setup for single lion Panasonic ncr18650, i know how to charge a single battery, just wondering if anyone show me a pic of their 4x set-up or 6x set-up series or parallel if its posible, mayb tutorial how do i use the turnigy to balance charge all of them ?

Have you had a look at this link?

All, I have seen a few post charging/Balancing multi 18650 cells with magnets between the cells. my question is do the magnets have any affect on the cells when balancing, is there a certain size and type that should be used?

Nope, the only purpose of the magnet is to provide contact between the cells because it attracts the two together.

It doesn’t affect the cells in a good or bad way, just very convenient.

I have used various sizes and shapes, but a slightly tall cylindrical one works best. I clip it with my alligator clips to the balancing tab, and it works very well.

I would have taken a picture, but I have no idea where I placed my SD card….

Dead thread revival… and a new guy here.

Can this charger be used on protected 18650’s? I was planning to order a couple of these for a flashlight and hoped to be able to use my current charger with them.

Thanks in advance for the help!

quick answer is yes, works fine with protected 18650s

For those of you using the charger I would recommend downloading the manual. Do a google search “turnigy accucell 6 manual” and about 3-4th entry down (for me here in Sweden anyway) you will find the manual in pdf format. Except for a few language blunders (nothing serious) all the information you need is right at hand. Use a color printer when printing out as there are several charts that are difficult to read if printed only in b/w.

Yep. Read the manual.

Note there’s a timer setting with a default; you may need to alter that, or restart the charger if it hasn’t fininshed charging your battery during the default time. Good safety feature — it won’t just keep cooking if you leave on vacation and forget to disconnect it.