Charging out of box

I just got 2 tenergy 2600ma 18650’s and a tl100 charger. I wanted orbtronic 3100’s and a shekor, but my dad is not the best with computers, even game him the links. And they had just a resting charge, tried in light, no light, did positive connections towards head on my 7g5v2. So, I go to charge, should take around 11 hours.

Should I charge fully to 4.2v the first time from the box? Or will it not hurt the battery to charge like halfway and use them? It’s just I got them today being my birthday at 7ish, and started charging by 7:40. I’ll be up to about 3am but wanted to use the light before then! Will it hurt the batteries to use them before fully charged the first time?

It won't hurt them at all in fact partial charges are better for the batteries than a full charge. Chances are they are already charged and there is a contact problem. Most of the batteries I have ordered come with a half charge. Are they flat top? What voltage are they at?

Edit: Happy Birthday. :)

I included a voltmeter example on ebay, but dad didn’t want to order the wrong one, so he just got me a giftcard on amazon. So I’ll order that tommorow maybe. Yes they are flattop. I just took them off the charger after about 3 hours and put em in the light NOTHING. So, I take it apart, screw everything back together, works! It’s unbelievably bright and the strobe is super fast. thanks for the help Scaru!

Glad to help. :) Just looked at the reviews and it isn't the battery so chances are the connection was broken somewhere. As long as it works now that is what matters.

It’s kinda funny. Just went on Kai domain for the u2 version which I have and it says 1300 lumens manufacturer rated for 3.5 hours. Even though it says 850 lumens 110 minutes on the packaging.


Thanks Fish!