Charging set of 4 18650's for 1 4P light.

Ok, I have 1 SRK and am considering another 4P light and until now charging 1 cell at a time was fine, but with these lights it would be nice to charge 4 together in a reasonable amount of time. I really like the looks of some of the Xtar chargers, but have read that loading up a 4 cell charger reduces the charge current to some of the batteries which would increase charge time and possible charge level.

So, would I be better off with 2 chargers that charge 2 batteries each? I like the idea of voltage displays for the cells and I would not need usb input if a larger power supply would get me to the point that they would charge closer to 1A and at a similar rate.


Thanks Matt

I have the XTAR XP-4, “Panzer”. 1, 2, 3 or 4 cells at 0.25, 0.50 or 1.0 amp each, user selectable. Each cell independantly controlled and shuts off when fully charged. Operates on 120 vac or 12 vdc only, no USB poweredcharging. But it can use 1 charged cell to charge a usb device like a phone.

I have several chargers—one of my favorite for 4 cells is the OPUS 3400—charge from 200 —1000 ma test capacity and resistance—I feel I can half way match cells for 3 and 4 cell lights—also when doing one cell in the #1 slot you can do 1500 and 2000ma for 26650

Opus 3100 v2.2

Tons and tons of features. I’ve had mine for a couple months; my nitecore chargers are starting to collect dust. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to the Opus charger.
My Xtar VC4 and Nitecore i4 are collecting dust in the drawer