Charging Station

I know a lot of us here have a charger or two and like to keep them together....i have a charging station that i like to keep in the back room since i keep my batts in a dresser drawer. I would like to have other members post theres as well.

The pack chargers get used in the kitchen as the board I'm using isn't big enough for the huge power supply for them. There are others on the floor, these are the most recently used ones. I bought my first charger in the late 70's and still have most of them. I think I can charge 32 AA or AAA cells at a time. I can charge 20 with what's in the picture. Not that I have ever needed to do so.

Now that is a lot of to see what others post. Nice setup man.

WOW! That's pretty impressive guys! I'm not even going to try and post a picture of my one and only Maha C9000. lol You guys must have one huge electric bill.

£90 (About US$135) a month Electricity is not cheap here - about 22 cents per kWh. My gas bill is a lot worse. My heating runs on natural gas which costs mer about $200 a month. But then I live to the north of Moscow and much of Canada. About 15% of my net income goes on electricity and natural gas. And don't sk me about the price of gasoline here.

It isn't the chargers that cost me. It only costs a few cents to charge a cell or ten. The main culprits are various computers that run 24/7. At the moment 3 Macs, an old Sun workstation, a Windows box and an old Sony laptop running Linux. I doubt my electricity meter would even notice a few more chargers. I can tell the difference in my power bill when I fire up the testing server (an antique 4 processor Sun server) which pulls about 2kW and makes more noise then most chainsaws.

The best bet actually is a cheap hobby charger and power supply - will charge just about anything (If you get the right one) but won't do the analysis stuff unless you get an expensive one. I discovered this after spending a lot on other chargers. If I were to lose them all and had to replace them I'd get a really good hobby charger - something like a Triton and a decent PSU and something like a C9000. I bought my first charger about 30 years ago and still own most of the ones I've ever bought.

I have dedicated chargers for CR2, CR123, 18650, 17670 as well - that is far from all the chargers. Most of the chargers I own are not in that picture but mostly i don't bother and use the hobby chargers instead.

That's some amazing electronic toys you have at home there Don. Now I know who to talk to when I start getting into batteries other than AA rechargeables. I just thought of a question.

Can multi-meters tell how much 'MAH' a battery has or can hold? I hope that question made sense.

Also, what is that long, black charger on the left side of your pic above?


Im like Don, we usually have 3 lappys going, the tv in the living room and the kids like to watch there own movies in there room so there tv's and dvd's are going as well. Even if i had just 1 great hobby charger it would just take so long to charge all the batts that i use for my nightlights. I do have a newer hobby charger that you dont see in the pics but it usually stays in the pit box for when i go black top hunting.

Post yours up man.......dont be ashamed, we all had to start somewhere so please remember that.

Hey Al, what's that purple one in the upper right corner of your pic?

Also, your pinoy too? I was born and raised in Olongapo (Subic Naval Base) Philippines. My dad is white and my mom was from Cebu. I also speak fluent tagalog and can understand ilocano.

How about you?

Damn man.....i was born in the same hospital....both my parents are flip, my dad was in the Navy. I was raised in the states, so you can say that im Americanized. What year were you born.....73. Thats an MRC will charge nimh and nicad....2/3a cells and also 10th scale packs, 1-8 cells, mv's and amperage are also adjustable, amperage is up to 4.5 amps.......i have owned that charger since 2004 if my mind serves . Dude do you have Facebook.

Small world ain't it? I was born in 64 but grew up in Baguio until I left in 81. Then Anchorage, Ak until 2003 and here in Hilo, HI ever since. So your parents speak tagalog? Where are they from? Do you speak it? Just curious.

Anyway, no facebook for me. I thought about it but just bever got around to doing it. But if I do, you'll be my first friend request......well maybe after a few members of my family first.

To tell you the truth i cant remember where my parents are from. Might need to ask them for you when i get the chance, they stopped by earlier to bring some burgers and to see there granddaughter. As for speaking i only know the cuss words but i do understand it, sometimes it gets too me that my cousins or other filipino's talk too me in tagalog and I have to answer back in English. My parents go back to P.I. every two years to whats your favorite food.

Favorite food? Let's see...adobo, sinegang, pancit, lumpia, karekare and much much more. Damn, I'm getting hungry again. lol But choosing one favorite pinoy dish would be like someone choosing his favorite child.

Oh yeah man....mines chicken adobo, menudo, and my all time favorite is Dinuguan cant wait for my mom to make it. Its there for Xmas and Thanksgiving.

I forgot about the dinuguan....mmmmmmmmmm. Hawaii fun fact: There's so many filipino's in Hawaii that every restaurant makes several filipino dishes, mostly adobo, dinuguan, pinakbet, tilapia and much more. Also, every McDonalds has SPAM as part of the big breakfast which is my fave. Cool right?

Yes it is cool.....i love my spam fried with ketchup smothered on top and rice. I guess its time to get back on topic, sure dont want Mr. Admin getting on us now do we. We can finish this in the off topic chatter thread at the bottom of this forum.

Redid my charging station to newer and better chargers then i had before.

Very nice alfredajero! What is the model # of the Powerex charger with the big LCD screen?

Those are the Maha C9000’s……still one of the best chargers to get.

Ok, cool, thanks! I have to get me some good chargers like the ones you have. Been looking around at several.