cheap 18650 sst90 host

Hi, I have a spare sst90, and I am planning on sticking it onto a 14 or 16mm star to put in a small 18650 light

So far I am looking at getting a UltraFire A10B from DX, switching the led over and making it direct drive :)

I realise it will get hot fast, but it is just something to have a play around with in short bursts.

Just wondering if anyone can recomend any other cheap small liights I could use?

or if anyone knows where I can get a 14 or 16mm star board?


I'd guess something with a bigger head will do better - it is fairly large as emitters go. Maybe a better bet would be an empty P60 pill and then use any P60 light?

And welcome to BLF! Good to have you here.

flanders, welcome, i have had no luck in the same quest

your best bet is doing a C or D maglite conversion, if you have one sitting around.

either way its expensive.

For the easy, but probably not cheap way, see here.

Proper mounting on a star for something that hot is non-trivial.

The biggest problem with a sst-90 is not even a host, but getting a driver that works. You can try to direct drive with an IMR, but who knows what kind of draw you end up with.