cheap and good lion multi charger

hallo.please,can you give me advice?
i need more pieces of any cheap multi lion driver-especially for 18650,16340,14500 batteries…one channel is ok.any packing-not white box-could be good…what could you offer?

The ML-102 would work well assuming you made some small spacers to allow charging of smaller batteries.

The ml 102 does not have the problem of the white box… It hasn’t any box at all

I suppose this one has in a beautiful box like the i4. Is it 17s$ expensive for you?

i wanted something really cheap from ebay…or so…i need more of them::slight_smile:
but it must be multi charger-16340,18650,14500…

amazon has Nitecore i2 for $12~

Also the Xtar MC1, but it’s a single cell charger for $5.95

(coupon available for 10% off I think)