cheap charger


I need to buy some cheap 18650 charger.

safety wise any info on these cheap chargers?

or any suggestion.

Personally I wouldn't have a problem using them, as long as you don't leave it unattended ever. Check voltages while charging. I use cheap charges and just don't use them unless I am close by.

anyone has/uses these cheap chargers? they seem to be sold EVERYWHERE.

$2.50 ebay


Are these safe to gift to friends as over-night chargers?

I have 1, feel cheap and don't charge your cells in the best way but do the job, is less of 3$ and charge a lot of kind of batteries, I would not trust it charging not protected litio without supervision.

Better to have it as backup charger or just invest more money for the main imho


DX has at least 4 clones:

SKU 47380

SKU 47499 (has EU plug but will not fit "EU-Schuko" socket!)

SKU 14885

SKU 114416


None are safe to "give to friends as over-night chargers."

Don't give any lithium-ion charger -- none, not a Pila even -- to anyone who might use it "over-night"

Clearer -- don't give a lithium-ion charger to anyone.

This is definitely something each person who might use it needs to understand and choose knowing the risks involved.

My opinion. There's no law against giving something like this to people who don't know what they're getting.

My opinion about the chargers:

First one (18650 only). That charger, although charges the batteries, it seems not to use an adecuate CC/CV algorithm. So IMO it is not worth because it will not charge the batteries adecuately and "may" be risk of damaging/exploding the batteries

Second one (Li-ion/NiMh). Same as above, but adding that, depending on the manufacturer, it will undercharge Ni-Mh and overcharge Li-ion or viceversa

In my opinion, dont save money on cheap chargers and go to something sure. For example 1 charger for Liion only and another charger for NiMh only, and good ones

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

So these are not recommendable chargers then? Okok, i've crossed them out of my wishlist, good to know!

Since there are so many cheapish chargers on the market (DX, DD, MF, KD, ..) it's difficult to sort out the "best value" all-in-one charger.

Had been using a couple of these chargers. They had been working good and safe, until one day one of them went poof, and the other one doesn’t charge but light the green led only. The main problem with them was their folding plugs as they could barely contact correctly. I now choose to have the ones with cables or better with external power supplies.

Don't use them! It might happened to find good one, but by my experience it's one of four or five. Better to try your luck with "travel" double 18650 one. There is oposite situation: 4-5 good and 1 bad or semi bad, still don't reverse polarity - it might turn into "travel" voltmeter.

If you search that from time to time, you'll stay up to date on these concerns. Here's yesterday's news on the subject:

Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) "Aircraft Fires Tied to Lithium-Battery Cargo ... Rule ... Without new safety standards, lithium batteries that can spontaneously combust were projected to destroy one U.S.- registered cargo jet every other year ....The Rechargeable Battery Association ... said ... Feb. 13 that the International Civil Aviation Organization panel's recommendations were a 'reasonable compromise.'"

Manafont sells them for 5$ ... I know spitting on the sacred cow of blf

I bought a bunch of the tr001's from Dino direct for 5$ thats as cheap as i'll go personally ...that said i have a few of these 2,50 cent chargers and have used one of them to charge up Nimh D cells .When gifting a charger , i gave a tr001 to a family member ..i wouldn't give one of the cheap chargers to them