Cheap flashlight accessories

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All bits from

battery case cr123

battery case cr2

Cheap alk batts

cheap lith batts

Duracell active charge AA

eneloop AA

Hope this is of use to some of you

That is a great price for Eneloops! Pity they don't ship outside of the UK. Thanks for the links!

I paid around £2 (US$3 and a bit) each for them and reckoned that was a really good deal a year or two ago. Those battery boxes are nice, if a wee bit heavy. I have a couple of the CR2 and CR123 ones. Not that the weight is an issue compared to the weight of other stuff I usually carry.

I got the CR2 ones for 75p a shot in a sale a while back. 6 lithium AAs for £5 is a real good deal too - normally it's £8 for 4 around here. Thanks for the links. Since they charge £4 for postage it is best to put in a decent-sized order to absorb the postage.


Excellent! The postage charge used to annoy me. They are much more likely to be looked at when I'm looking for stuff now. thanks for letting me know.

If anyone fancies those battery boxes I'm quite happy to get some and post them on at cost. Likewise any of the other stuff - the prices are pretty decent and I can get the weights and therefore postage costs if anyone's interested before any money gets spent. Just let me know which country it'll be getting posted to.

I dig the cr2 and cr123 cases........might have to take you up on that offer.

Not a problem.

Just PM me and I'll let you know the costs.

Thanks bud.Laughing

Heres a good accessory....a flashoholic just like us has started to make lanyard holds. Im going to ask him to make a universal one since most of my lights have a split ring and swivel on them already. One lanyard with lobster claw to use on every light.

Can't see it mate lol

Sorry forgot to attach the bad. I love the toughness of 550 cord.

looks very cool bud

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