Cheap headlamp for rare use, around 20usd, 18650 or 21700

I am looking for upgrade from cheap 3xAAA zoomie headlamps from local store

-I do not request USB charging, but would be nice
-Warmer color, around 5000k, definitely not 6500k
-It should use one 18650 or 21700 battery
-I am not interested about any mods, I just want to use light as it arive

just for the rare use, like few times per year

I was looking on convoy h1, as I had great experience with s2+ and s21a… but reviews on h1 werent very good…

Any suggestions?

Sofirn makes a great one that would fit the bill

Sofirn SP40.

The flashlight is good quality and cheap. I have the 3000K version.

Sofirn specifications:

- Cree XPL 1200lm

- Emitting Color 3000K / 4000K / 5300K

- USB Rechargeable
18650 / 18350 Battery

- Power Indicator

  • Magnet Tail

Smaller the battery, more comfort when wearing tbh. If you do not need long runtimes and can carry a spare battery, get something with 18350. Eagle Eye X1R is the most unpretentious light in that segment in my opinion. If you can grab it with a coupon (if you are not in a hurry) it can drop to 12$. But in any case i would not recommend a 21700 headlamp, it will be too heavy.

I would say that for occasional use a D10 would be perfect.
Though it would need a LED swap.

Note that it doesn’t include a headband.

And X1R is a hefty light, even with 18350 it’s not very lightweight…

thanks, I am going to check that sofrin sp40

I do not have any 18350 batteries, and they are very expensive with shipping to slovakia…. Thats why I want 18650
Cheapest way is

Another vote for SP40 - I bought kit direct from Sofirns site $20.79 shipped to my door (after 10% coupon) but in the 4000K version and came with Sofirn 18650 battery. If Banggood would get it in stock, coupons from various sellers here brings it to $17.xx + shipping (without battery). Its a lot of light for the money. Only draw backs I see, no moonlight mode, not regulated circuit so light gradually dims as voltage reduces, however in real world usage you don’t notice it because the drop is gradual and smooth. Not a hard drop. So not too concerned. Keeps work area lit for a long time.

In addition to specs mentioned above.

  • Nice even beam with decent spill - no weird rings or offensive corona. - probably due to OP reflector.
  • Also it comes with a 18350 Tube if you want to make it even smaller.
  • It also works to run at 250 lumen with an external battery bank if needed for way extended run times and with 18350 tube with no batteries, is a small and light weight if mounted on head with external power supply.
  • Does come with a headband
  • Also comes with pocket clip
  • built in USB charging @0.92A - charges battery to 4.2A as measured after light turned green.

I received an SP40 4000K from Sofirn Direct web site about 2 weeks ago.

I’ve measured on Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights:
Low = 7 Lumens
Med = 65 Lumens
High = 358 Lumens
Turbo = 988 Lumens start up 963 @ 30 sec on freshly charged 30Q

Some others to look at are the D10/D20/D25 - or Sofirns D25S with upgraded emmiters. I just like the SP40 because it can also be used EDC without headband.

I am finally going to order SP40

4000k or 5300k?


Ok, ordered from ali

Im just about sold on getting a sp40 too.
which tint would be best for looking down into water from above? (aquarium cleaning)

SIL has a decent Aquarium. Salt water fish.
He uses a divers torch. shines from inside tank and says it better.
IE No reflections from glass. you can see any mould etc forming.

It finally arrived, aaand it works

USB, 4000k, magnet, can be used as EDC

Everything I wanted for 20usd

Sounds good, I am waiting patiently for an Amazon code from Sofirn. Otherwise should I just buy it direct from Sofirn?