cheap headtorch mode mod is it doable

Hi there knew to this please go easy. First had a look around and could not find an answer to this can this Headtorch - Album on Imgur! Be modded to a single click high mode on/off the head torch is one of theses Headtorch - Album on Imgur any help would be great thanks

That black A1SHB chip near the ‘2301’ mark is a p-channel MOSFET. The top leg is the gate, the others get connected.

Basically it is a remote switch, triggered by the upper leg. If you short circuit the mid and lower leg the light would always run on full power.

Before you remove the chip please test bridging with a paper clip.

No guarantee. I may be completely wrong. :smiling_imp:

Bridge the 2 orange dots Headtorch - Album on Imgur bridged these and the light is on constant does not switch off with button press
There is a led on the back that lights red and it still clicks through all modes wyle the bridge is in place thanks again for your help is there anything else i could try

If there is no other way to mod this so i can have it switch on and off in high mode, can anyone give me a link to a driver that i can replace this one and give me this function. Iwould also like it to have low voltage protection to help batterys last. And is there any other things like switch type i might need to replace. Thanks again for your help

Seems to be a pretty big driver board so you could get away with almost anything in regards to size. It looks like those two cells in the battery pack are parallel, is that so? If so, then I think you can take your pick of E-switch compatible drivers. If you are US based you can contact Mountain Electronics for drivers. What I’m not sure of is if they can have mode memory disabled and always turn on in high. I don’t know if Mountain Electronics do custom driver configurations, someone else will have to chime in. If you are EU based there are alternatives. Where are you?

Thanks i am uk based batterys are in parallel ok will have a look at e switch drivers thanks again for your help

For EU (UK hasn’t left EU quite yet) you can ask for a driver programmed to your specs here: Lexels driver compilation

What is that black part on the left, connected to S- and S+ with red cables?

The little black block is a charging port it takes a 5v adapter to charge the batterys. I dont think it has any protection so i never used it. I use axtar vc2+ to chrage out of the light.