Cheap lights in "new arrivals" at DX today... some interesting....

Hi folks!

Today DX surprised me with cheap (but not very powerfull) flashlights. At least, they seem to be new desings, or "new philosophy"

This is a copy of a Fenix angle flashlight, AA/14500

This is an AA/14500 zooming flashlight. Seems to have a big lens...

Very Cheap! Q5 18650 3mode flashlight!

Another simple and cheap 18650 with side switch

"Inflated lumens"... 310 lumens with a Q3, 18650 and side switch

Another cheap 18650 with side switch

Expensive. Does exist SST6?

And. What is this? To put a flashlight in a weapon?

Latests cheap flashlights at DX were..... I dont remember...

fran, playing stupid, again? :D

Again the same flashlight? or the same issue? again XML?

Same lamp, this time just titanium colored, last time it was black :bigsmile:

Upps sorry. Also my eyes can not distinguish the LED


And. What is this? To put a flashlight in a weapon?


Rifle forward rail grip with integrated bipod and light mount. Seems to be similar to this:

Expensive..... or "branded ones" are more than that?

When and where was it black before? I've never seen this one or a clone of it in black.

Here, VFMaddict -

Some light are not so bad.. maybe the descriptions need some adjustment.. (runtime and current are "strange")

yeah!! 4000-5000mAh current regulation!!! buahhh

Don't you actually mean, "yahoo 4000-5000mAh current regulation! bang !!!"

It was "ironic mode ON". Of course I was laughing

To buy Frannie a new flashlight?

The 14500/1AA zoom doesn't have a particularly big lens. It's 28mm just like all the rest.

Quite cheap 18650-lights for general use.

I think I´ve not seen 18650 that cheap before or at least not many of them...

Yes, specially the blue one...


Stylish Cree Q5 310-Lumen 3-Mode LED Flashlight - Adjustable Angle (1x14500/1xAA)

Looks interesting to me but i don't know if the red glow would be that convenient, also the sipik sk68 i was considering to buy seems to be a safer choice.