cheap new lights at DX - with charging circuit built-in?

I found a couple of new lights new at DX today...

They seem to have a charging circuit built in, at least they have a plug...
And a side switch!

All are XR-E though and have high/low/strobe.

  • Q5 - 16.5cm long / 42mm diam - 11.40$ - link - reflink
  • Q3 - 18.5cm long / 43mm diam - 11.70$ - link - reflink
  • Q5 - zoomie - 15.5cm / 34mm - 10.10$ - link - reflink

Additionally there's a small and cheap AA/14500 zoomie for 8.5$ (link, reflink).

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Just ordered the 18650 zoom torch. Will report when I get it.

Have you noticed the current figures DX is using for these new lights. On the one you ordered it's 7000mA. I assume they mean 700 in that case but with $8 zoom they list 4000mA. I suppose they could mean 400mA there but I hope not!

I just ordered it as well. I don't know why! I suppose because it's twist to focus, side button, 18650, crenelations are not too bad (and curiosity). It also says no memory (I hope this is true). So strobe can be avoided.

I think some don't care for twist with these kinds of lights because it takes longer but I'm not really interested in flood but do like the ability to back off of throw a bit for a slightly bigger hotspot.

Twist also means it will more easily stay where you set it.

Personally, I don't think there is a charging port in these lights. There is certainly no charger as the battery isn't even included (nor would I expect that at this price).

The small one is a turn-off for me with the sharp crenelations. The red emitting from the head is a turn-off as well but is directed toward bicyclists I suppose.

It does indeed appear it has a charge jack covered by a rubber pull-out. I really hope not. Charging an 18650 in the body of the light (if it decides to self-destruct) could make this thing a lethal pipebomb. If it is a charge jack, I hope is is properly isolated from the battery. They should really publish the information, as this is important.

Not that an 18650 is that much safer if it self-destructs outside a flashlight body, but why flirt with disaster?

The lights look good, hope they perform well...

Even if it has a charging jack it doesn't mean that you have to use it. I'm sure there isn't a build-in 18650 in a $10 light (pretty sure anyway) :) Also, where is the charging wall cord?

You bet! I would feel much safer if it isn't a charge jack. I don't want a jack anywhere near any of my 18650 lights...

gcbryan, I don't know where a charger is? Built-in battery? Have no idea. Never heard of a built-in 18650, in flashlights. Specs. mention 1X 18650. Removable is assumed.

I may only deduce what the jack is, with no information.

External power, or charge jack, or both are my best guesses, given no information.