Cheap RCR123A's @ Flee Bay

Here 4 x Ultrafire RCR123A @ US $5.49 = $1.38 per cell ...

Be careful , Flee bay is generally more expensive than the online HK dealers suck as LT - DX - KD etc

4x Rechargeable CR123A CR123 Battery 3.6V 1200mAh GTL

I just bought these; I'll let you know how it goes, including size and actual mah available before cutoff.

i haven't heard many good things about the gtl batteries fact I've only heard mainly bad things .. but you bought them for the same price as decent lithium primaries so if they work twice and fail you're ahead of the game . batteries are one place i think it's a bad idea to try to save a few bucks and although i've said it a million times I'll say it again .. i think buying batteries from ebay is a horrid idea .

I like the DX logo .. i'd be a bigger fan..I just hate their lack of communication and poor descriptions and long long waits on items ..after 4 months they ought to be sending your money back with interest and a huge apology.

welcome to blf wec777.. I'm curious how good or bad gtl batteries really are ....did you look at what old4570 said?? did he do any testing on these ??.. he had to ...they are all over ebay . keep us posted .

I tested the 18650 GTL some time ago , very poor capacity , but aside from that , not to bad .

I havent tested the 16340 , But I should have some other 16340's on the way for testing . [ Other brands = much more expensive ]