Cheaper by the dozen...

There's been a lot of talk about multi-xml format lights, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of data out there as of yet. The only triple xml I've heard of is the one Flashpilot picked up (btw Flashpilot, now that you've had it for awhile, what do you think?).

So, I figured I'd start playing around over the next few weeks with different set-ups. They'll most likely be maglite hosts because they're cheap, big, and well made. I'll keep y'all posted.

there were quite a few 3 and 4 XM-L Maglites on Candlepower forums. i was gonna try one myself, but i just dont have the money.

too many car upgrades comming down the line... limited slip differentials arent cheap!


there were quite a few 3 and 4 XM-L Maglites on Candlepower forums. i was gonna try one myself, but i just dont have the money.

too many car upgrades comming down the line... limited slip differentials arent cheap!


I was actually thinking about starting at 5 and going up from there...

(I hear ya about the car mods... one of the reasons I gave that up)

well i unfortunately cant give that up.

and i just bought a Stag Model 8 AR-15. piston driven one. so i have some hobby problems... my hobbies are fighting with eachother... oh and i need a new helmet for mountain biking lol

as far as 5 goes, there isnt NEARLY enough metal in any heat sink out there to get rid of that much. i would start at 3 or 4 and see how it runs.

and make sure your running 32600. i dont know of too many 18650s that will like that much draw... MAYBE Ni-mh, but not AA in converters. gotta get full D sized ni-mh, the 10000mah kind lol


as far as 5 goes, there isnt NEARLY enough metal in any heat sink out there to get rid of that much.


Ahh... don't be too quick to make presumptions on what I'm thinking for this. Patience

Hi Match, Im darn jealous of all those shinny new XML’s you have in that pic! Do you sleep with them under your pillow? Wink You’d have bragging rights if you did. I noticed that you found some small wide angle reflectors too. Have you tested them with an XM-L yet? As always, Im looking forward to reading about more of your retina searing XML creations. If I were to guess, you’re probably considering a 5-up XML to market as a "paint stripping system". 3 XM-L’s get quite hot enough as it is - when you waive your hand in front of the beam.

Dammit, 5 only? I want to see ALL of them in one maglite. I don't know how you're going to fit them all or heatsink them all, but yeah. All 12. 6D body running off 6 36600 batteries in series.

I'll be looking for the searchlight from the West Coast.

14650s in custom carriers , maybe 4 Parallel x 2 = 8.4v [ Some DX drivers and a rocker switch - 3 position ]

Those 32650's look better x 2 for 8.4v [ dx drivers - 3 position rocker switch ] ...

Maybe the first position can power up a single emitter [ middle ] + multi mode driver , and rock it to the next position and power up all the emitters ..

Or use the rocker switch as a 3 position switch and put in a tail clicky ? .. Power up one emitter , 3 emitters , all the emitters ..

So many variables to chose from :

I actually had some buyers remorse for spending so much on the 3 x XML mag, but all that quickly disappeared once I received it and switched it on for the first time. I have nothing else that comes even close in total lumens on target, accept to bundle three of these together with duct tape. The build quality is absolute top notch and the output is simply unreal. The beam shots were accurate to what this thing actually puts out. The reflectors chosen were well suited to the XML. Im not sure that there would be a whole lot gained in output with 4 or 5 XM-L’s in a stock mag head because the reflectors would have to be quite small to fit all of that inside the head. Smaller reflectors arent nearly as efficient as larger ones. As for heat sinking, I can easily run mine at full power for 20+ minutes while walking outdoors before it gets hot, but not so hot that I cant still hold it at the head if necessary. Im sure the outside cool ambient air moving across it helps considerably in cooling. I think 4-5 XM-L's (driven @3A+ ea.)might present a cooling problem after 10 minutes in a D mag head, but thats just a guess. In most cases, full output is more than annoying and hurts my eyes so I typically throttle back to 60-70%. The down side is that its quite a bit heavier than a standard mag because of the massive heat sink the builder machined for it. The head was AA’d to the battery tube to maximize heat sinking mass and total surface area for cooling, and Id recommend that for anyone using multiple XM-L’s in these kinds of builds. Unfortunately, the light is a one-of-a-kind and pricey so I chose not to review it here.
Its set up for 3 x C NiMH at the moment (5000 mAh total). I just received a 1 x D Mag battery extender to run it on 3 x NiMH D cells, but I will have to limit the current through a predetermined fixed maximum position on the dimmer knob to prevent overloading of the LED’s while running in that config. Still, with 10,000 mAh in reserve with D cells, this should make for a very good extended run time.
Other thoughts:
I don’t like the idea of running multiple large expensive temperamental LiCo cells in hard driven flashlights, nor did the builder. 2 x 18650’s make me nervous enough, and Im often checking to make sure the cells are matched in their ability to discharge equal amounts of current when pushed hard. While true that there arent all that many catastrophic failures reported, most people arent playing with the high amperage, multi celled exotic LiCo solutions that have recently been discussed. The potential for a catastrophic failure is probably increased 20 fold (if not more) over single LiCo cell lights. Also, NiMH cells can be abused far more than LiCo’s, with their ability to withstand repeated deeper discharges. They also maintain a steady discharge through the duration and show a steep decline at the end of the discharge curve to let the user know its time to shut down and recharge. Their safety record speaks for itself. On the other hand, efficient custom dimmer potable drivers maximized for 3.6V continuous are also expensive. All considered, it was thoroughly engineered by a talented reputable veteran builder and worth the asking price... and it’s the only one like it.
Let me know if you have any questions. Laughing

All great ideas Old - ala Romisen RC-T6.

... or run all LED's at the same time and switch on 1, 2 or 3 of these drivers, which can be serial wired through a 3-way switch to deliver 2.2A each. Settings of 2.2A, 4.4A and 6.6A respectably. Yes, so many options and looking forward to what you come up with.

First, Small reflectors are more efficent. Second, I want to see a triple XML- Cutter has the optics and the boards. Third, what triple xml mag do you have?


First, Small reflectors are more efficent.


I wish that were true....the Carlco optics I'm using are only ~87%. A well designed reflector or a larger TIR would be better, but alas I don't want the head to be that big.

I thought about going that route, but then again a triple has been done already.

Flashpilot is the proud owner of a very nice triple xml build done by lamdalights. Budget site or not, I bet a lot of folks here would like to see a review of that monster! (Flashpilot, quit teasing...!)

Other random tidbits I can share at this time:

- It will have at least 5 xmls...

- It will not be a 20sec wow light ( proper thermal management)

- It will not explode....(no li-ion or li-co)

I've said too much.... Hopefully by next week I'lll have something more tangible to show, or you'll see a post by me lamenting the loss of a bunch of new emitters :(

Optics = Reflector? No. But I looove triple beam patterns..........And no grenade ability is a real bummer.

AA's or Nihm D size , 4D Mag or maybe 6D Mag to get the voltage ?

I used a 3D mag for 9xAA for my SSC P7 ..

I should call cutter to find out if they have the XM-L U2