Cheapo R5 dropins in UF hosts at DX

Hello all, may the light be with you :)

Cheap, cheap, cheap:

Now I kinda regret recently ordering 504B with R2...

Just ordered some more XP-G R5 dropins recently - they don't seem to be selling the XP-E R5 dropins separately yet. The XP-E and XP-G can both be driven at up to 1.5A but I doubt that the poor heat-sinking of a P60 dropin is really up to the job. Maybe with a tight fitting copper collar to make good thermal contact with as much of the body as possible.

I think I own enough P60 hosts already so don't fancy getting more.

Collection of assorted beamshots here including R2 and R4 dropins.

What are the difference between the XPE R5 and The XPG R5. I have the latter on the way from DX

The XP-G is probably where Cree is going, the XP-E is the one with a metal ring round the LED. Will try for some pics when i get home tonight to show the difference. At the same bin they should have the same output.

XR-E has the ring, right? I don't think either the XR-E or XP-E come in a R5 bin though (R2 is the highest I've seen either of them in lights, but an R3 XP-E is supposed to be out). So I'm not sure what the deal is with these lights.

I was speaking rubbish.

The XP-E is only rated at up to one amp - now available in up to S2 bins according to Cree. These do not have the ring. The XP-E is presumably cheaper

The XR-E and XP-G are rated to 1.5A, the XP-E to 1A

All the R5 bins are rated at 139-148lm at 350mA

Cree hasn't updated the XR-E binning info since 2008 and it only goes up to Q5 though R2 and apparently R3 bins are available

An R3 is producing 122-130lm at 350mA - but the XR-E and XP-G dies can be driven harder with adequate heat sinking. With the Q5 and R2 XP-E emitters, quite a few of the Chinese lights were being driven out of spec at more than 1000mA if the manufacturers' blurbs were to be believed.

Ah! Is that why many XP-E lights have a dark ring around the hotspot?

Hello anduril, welcome! Enjoy your time here. Thanks for the products tip.

Would have been if I'd not been speaking rubbish - the XR-E is the one with the ring. The beamshot on the left here is a truly classic example. It is not normally noticeable in the real world - just when white wall hunting.

I think I will have to wait to find out if these are really R5's. I've been looking to get something with a XP-G R5, but I would be afraid that the XP-E part is correct and the R5 part is wrong, rather than the other way around. It is a great price though. Just a couple of dollars more than just a R5 drop-in. I'm really tempted by the Skyray R5

Not sure how much longer I can hold out now that I don't have anything in the mail.

Take care, the Skyray is an R4, R5 is just the name :)

BTW - my 5-mode R2@504B just arrived... wow. Now I officially have a lightsaber ;)

Did you get silver or black? I have the silver one and really like it. I just put a new driver in it so that now it is 2 modes with memory.

Which driver did you use, Ted?

Silver, but just because it had modes. No regrets though, it looks great.

My drop-in looks different, though - no labels ("super bright R2" or something)...

Can I safely assume that 4-wire, 4-segment LED is an R2, or is it not that easy? If not, then how to verify?

Mine had a label on the drop-in that said Super Bright R2 on it. There isn't really any way to tell by looking at the LED because all XR-E's have the same design, just different bins (except some old ones which looked a little different).

I swapped in this driver from Kai Domain. It is a Nanjing with the 4 stars on the back. I wrote a review at KD and was thinking about writing up something here as well (did it; you can read it here). I'm happy with it.

They also changed the description from XP-G to XP-E for some reason, but someone posted today and said they had gotten an XP-G labelled R5. I might wait and see what people think of the cheap ones though now. Never hurts to wait a little (okay, it hurts).

Well, I gave in and got one of the cheap hosts today and am hoping for the best. I saw the first review of one of these at DX. The guy said it was really bright for 5 minutes before it burned out. That was a 501. So I ordered the 1-mode 502B:

Plus this driver:

Once I get it, I will measure the tailcap current and then probably go ahead and swap out the driver. I'd like a 1400mA multi-mode driver, but this 1000mA should still be brighter than the R2 which is also driven at 1000mA.

DX says it shipped today, so I should have a new light in a couple of weeks. Of course they said they shipped my last order too and then the status reverted to "packaging" a day later. But it said "Packaging by Air Mail" which I didn't know could be done, so I'm hoping it is actually on the way.

Nevermind. They seem to have broken the previous shipment into two, so this notice was for the second half of that shipment. The light itself shows "packaging" so it shouldn't be too long anyway.

Just to motivate you a bit - I'm waiting for your review, got one spare 18650 lying around :D

I'll definitely write something up once I get it. It's the waiting . . .