Check your latest Aliexpress charges

Today I noticed a problem with my latest Aliexpress order, made on the 15th of December.
The order amount was $21.34 but I have a charge of $42.80 on my debit card.

I checked that with Aliexpress representative and they told me that I’m right to expect a charge of $21.34, there is no error on my side. I should check it out with the bank and cancel that transaction.

I’m extremely surprised to see the discrepancy.
I can’t think of any reason for this other than some error. Aliexpress is too large to do such things intentionally. But they are too large to make such errors as well as well. The same thing can be said about my debit card company and my bank as well so overall this is really puzzling. I’ll head to my bank next, trying to reduce the amount of the transaction or to cancel it altogether. I’ll also check some of my earlier transactions to see if there are more of such issues.

I suggest that you dear BLFers check your charges as well.

This sounds like a mistake and the amount was taken twice, even though that should not have happened. Been using AE for more than 5 years now and never had a billing error. Just bought items on 12/23 and it was all good.

I would be less surprised to see $42.68 because that would be exactly the same charge being taken twice. But there’s a small further difference. Please note that I took into account currency changes and the $42.80 is the actual amount requested by Aliexpress.

another reason to use top-up debit cards then and only put the required money on the card. Revolut is the perfect card for Aliexpress.

Nice suggestion. But until now AE never took one penny too much (or less) from me.

My bank has (finally!) asked me to produce evidence from the charge being incorrect.
I don’t know how I missed it before but I got more orders on that day.

Despite what I thought and despite what the Aliexpress CS has told me - the charge was correct.
So I’m withdrawing the claim.

maybe you should do strike thru in your OP so future visitors wont get confused and waste time reading this thread

Yes, if possible, delete it. It will lead to less future confusion. ie: Weekend Update: Emily Litella on Television Violins - SNL - YouTube
Weekend Update: Emily Litella on Television Violins - SNL - YouTube

Glad you got to the bottom of it. Nothing like catching yourself spending more than you thought.

On the subject of charges, though, watch out when, or avoid, using the Paypal credit card payment method on AliExpress.
On my credit card that combination seems to have been taken as a cash advance (which incurs immediate insane interest charges with no grace period) instead of a regular purchase. I contacted my credit card since I never use cash advances, and they claimed it’s due to an update to Paypal’s policy and to contact Paypal or not use their service if I have further issues…
At least the credit card company reversed the interest charges, but they didn’t have a better explanation.
Others on the internet have reported similar problems, and the common factor appears to be Paypal credit card checkout + AliExpress.

Please strike-through/edit your original post, OP. It can be extremely confusing if you don’t mark that the issue was resolved.