Chic little AA/14500 zoomie on the 'bay

Saw this:

Looks kinda cool crap in a minimalist sort of way.

Looks like either a Sipik SK58 or SK78.

Smooth .

Yes. Actually a bit too much so for my preference but might make a nice gift light with Xmas nearly here. Also, read of a few BLFers who aren't keen on the Sipik 68's rougher edges.

It's crap.

The lens is crap, the finish is crap, the sliding mechanism is crap.

Did I mention that it's right crap?

That's probably why it is so smooth. The last thing anyone wants is sharp edges on their crap.

If anyone wants one, they can pay the postage and I'll send them the crap to handle it for themselves.

They should just call it the "Mr. Hankey" light and be done.

Wow...that's just plain funny!

So it's agreed then, we'll suggest it for the next group buy.. Laughing

You can send them to friends you don't like.

I have one of these. It really is a piece of junk, at least my sample is. The problem is that the battery cap doesn't screw all the way down.

Interesting, SB....that's about the only thing that works on mine...

I guess on the strength of the last two posts we can say that its is not only crap but also inconsistent crap......

Tell us how you really feel about it… :wink:

I also have one and, well, it is not totally crap... It is very fat for 14500, the body walls are very thin, the threads are fragile but, hey, it lights! And it zooms! So, eeeeh, just 90-95% crap

I found the only non-fecal component in the whole light: an EZ900-package XR-E of dubious binning.

I am proceeding with the Boaz-encouraged harvest of said LED.

Wow. Looking at the filthy, warped thing the seller so generously called a lens, I'm amazed that it doesn't shine around corners. The zooming function is gravity-actuated; you point the light down, and it zooms.

@Aleister: great sigline.

So you got the robotics enhanced version...

Thank you, I stole it from - I guess - another programmer