Has anyone heard from Wayne?

He’s building a light for me, and after an email 2 months ago, which indicated he had hurt his back, he’s dropped out of sight. He hasn’t returned emails or phone calls.

Hope he is ok. Have you sent any payment yet?

A deposit and the host.

“Last seen 10 weeks, 4 days ago”


Here’s the build thread he started on CPF.

I know Justin (OldLumens) said something about his condition a while back but did not get into details and said he would wait for Wayne to say himself if he wanted to...

Hope all is well

Mars ?

Wayne / ChicagoX good and friendly guy.

Hope he is well, or is getting better.

Donn, sorry to hear about you not getting in contact with him. Fingers crossed everything turns out well!

Three Months Now…

I have a feeling I’ve been stiffed.

Hhmm, maybe someone in the area can try to reach him? Boy, could be he's just laid up. He looks really far along on the build - lots of work into it. I'm sure it's not intentional for you - he has so much invested here.

I haven't heard a word from him in a long time and he does not answer emails. That is not like him at all. I have known him a long time and I do not think he would intentionally stiff someone. I think something very bad had to happen for him not to answer.

One of the phone calls I made was to his house in Michigan. A woman answered, and took my name, number and the subject of the call (“flashlight”). She said she would give him the message.

Wayne would have to be one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of talking to on this forum. We live in a virtual world here and it is hard sometimes to deal with the fact that people just disappear. It has happened before and it will happen again. In this case I believe no one set out to upset anyone with uncompleted jobs. By the look of it, completion was not far away. I pray in this case that Wayne and his family are fine as there is nothing else I can do as mentioned before, in this virtual world.
I don’t have an answer to this except if members want to set up somehow a contact base. How this would work I don’t know as there would be privacy issues involved.

It was very close to completion, but shortly after his last post to the build thread, the module started flickering, and had to be sent back to the designer. He transferred the emitters to a new module, and sent it back to Wayne. As of the end of June, he had the new module in hand, and was waiting for a delivery of epoxy. Then I got the email about his back injury. He told me he could send the stuff to a trustworthy friend, to complete the build if I wanted. I told him to wait until he was fit enough to complete it himself. That was three months ago, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Wow! That doesn’t seem like him at all. In conversation he always sounded like a great person, and when I purchased a $100+ knife from him, it was packaged and shipped in the most professional manner. I sure hope everything is ok!

I hope he is okay. Maybe he is too unwell to finish it. :frowning:

When health issues pop up it can always turn into something much larger, sometimes overnight.
As others said Chi X is a good guy.

He is stuck on post 3999. Reminds me of Lumatic. I just assumed he changed his name and is still amongst us.

Hope he’s all right, or heading that way. My dealings with him have also indicated him to be a great guy.

Best wishes to him. And of course to you on your build Donn. Hope it all gets straightened out.

I’m surprised and hope he’s OK.
Kumabear disappeared a while back without filling a bunch of orders he’d been paid for. And I’ve seen this happen in other hobbies.
Moral of the story is, pay by Paypal (not as a gift) and file a dispute w/in 45 days.