Chinese New Year!!!

China will be shut down the first week of February. Order stuff in the next couple of days for any hope of it shipping before the holiday.

Thanks for the heads up!

3rd, Feb , is Chinese traditional Spring festival , and we will have a long holiday ,so if you want purchase something ,you'd better purchase it before Wesdensday of this week .

Our holiday time : 1st,Feb-9th Feb . but we usually didn't work on 29th January , so please hurry up ,and enjoy yourself .

Enjoy your Holiday Daniel!!

I have 2 orders on there way here from Lightake now and one from DX.

Daniel you should get the Ultrafire A20 on your website and I would have ordered it from Lightake instead of DX.

Yeah they usually have 10-15 days off work. And I'll be working come CNY eventhough I'm celebrating it....

Thanks´╝îand thanks very much for you information , we will do our best to find it !


For instance I still wait my two orders from nov 18 and nov 30 to arrive. These are my first order from LT. When I asked the customer service about these orders, the replays were merely canned text.

When will they ever understand. LT cannot exist without customers, but I can well exist without LT.

I have bought a few things now from LT and they ship on par with everything I have shipped from HK. I think all the HK vendors need to have a better customer service but it seems to be the nature of HK vendors not to care about their customers...they just ship it and forget it!

Everything I have ever ordered from LT has always been good quality originals.

I have never had to contact their customer service department but Daniel does a pretty good job helping us out here but beyond that help is hard to find from most HK vendors.

I guess you get things fast in your country from China???? Only 12 days and you expect it to arrive?

It has always taken me nearly 30 days to get stuff from China!

Especially during this time to buy products from China, it is estimated have to wait until March to get stuff.