Choose your desired UI for Sofirn's AAA keychain lights

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Dear all,

While Sofirn is now prototyping the new C01R (see ► here ◄), I have discussed with Sofirn the option to enhance the UI. As many people appreciate a nice sublumen mode with 1lm or less, I was asking if they could offer a three-mode UI for their AAA keychain lights and the option to reverse the mode order by user configuration (e.g. twist the head 8x to change between mode group moon-low-high and high-low-moon). They said it was possible to do that but it will come with a higher sales price. The increase in costs are yet to be assessed.

Please vote for your desired UI. Voting is open for 2 months, so we should get a good feeling by the end of 2019 what people like most.



I like option 3 the most. Something like .5 lumen / 15 lumens / 100 lumens is great and worth paying a bit more for. 2nd choice would be low-high (1 / 100 or so.)

I still voted for a simple low-high because that will be best for me. But the prgrammable 3-mode UI is nice too.

I have a Prometheus Beta QR V2 and it is moonlight/low (1 lm), medium (15 lm), high (90 lm). It is very useful but at $80, I’m not likely to gift one to friends or family.

I would just be happy with an inexpensive 3-mode (low to high) AAA twisty without memory. It is very quick to cycle a couple of modes on a nice twisty. That being said, more options are always better so I voted for number 3.

I voted for low-high, but I have no problem with the high-low setup. If I have night adjusted eyes, I ususally hold over the light and turn it on twice before shining it anywhere.

I voted for >Low-High<, >High-Low< would be O.K. too.
Such a small Flashlight don’t need much trumpery.

For simplicity, I voted for Low-High (no mode memory).

If programmable and 2 group, then
Group A: 2 lm -> 16 lm -> 80 lm
Group B: 0.125 lm -> 1 lm -> 5 lm

Voted for low-high, but won’t say no to option #3.

Love me some moonlight! Not on the red though I imagine.

My current vote is for Low-High
… but…
A Low-Medium-High without mode change option would be even nicer.

If the cost premium is modest, I would go for option 3 - 3 level, mode selectable. I’m not going to take much of an upcharge though, as my preferred 3 mode option is available at good size, performance and price in the Thrunight Ti3.

For RED, I would want high only.

I have just voted for third opción, but………
¿What about to get a last mode memory, like Jetbeam Jet-u??? simpler and just as practical, right?

moonlight mode is a must imo in small lights like this.

3rd option voted :+1:

As you clearly work for Sofirn, please make these threads in the commercial section.

Not quite the question you asked, but I would pay $0.50-$0.99 for 2 mode groups. That assumes the next-gen C01s comes in at MAP $9.99 - $10.99. If two mode groups are not available, I prefer LOW-HIGH on twisty lights.

Who does? Did I miss something? :expressionless:

BTW, about the UI…well, I am a fan of moonlight modes so make it 3 modes, configurable for L>H and H>L and I’ll be glad :wink:

A true nice ML mode is always nice :wink:

moon low med high , no memory

moonlight mode is a must for me