ChrisC's Elfeland 912 T6 18650 Review

First off I’d like to appologise to Swi @ Banggood for being really slow to review this light. I’ve had the light a bit over 3 weeks now and I’ve had various excuses that have caused me to not get on with the boring part of getting sent lights, the writing up of the review. The positive part of this is I’ve actually had time to play with the light a lot more than I usually do when reviewing a light and that can only be a good thing.

I normally don’t buy “cheap” lights as I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to flashlights. I was asked if I’d like to review a couple of cheaper lights so I thought what the hey I’ll have a play. The little review that follows is for a rather cheap yet nice Elfeland T6 flashlight.

The item arrived in a little white box with a light wrapped in bubble wrap. The box was bashed to bits and it looked like it was kicked around in the postal system but the light itself was in perfect condition. There was no spare o-ring in the pack but the lanyard was already on the light itself. I’ve never had to swap out an o-ring on a light before so this is no real issue for me. I do however keep all of the o-rings in a box incase I ever need to replace one.

Light in the hand
This light feels well made in the hand. It’s definitely not flimsy, it’s actually quite heavy and better than what I first expected. The belt clip is sturdy and you can remove it if you choose, it is just a case of grabbing a small allen key and taking off two screws (It’s a T1.5Bit so it is small!). After you’ve taken the belt clip off the light feels much nicer in the hand. I don’t use belt clips so it seemed silly to keep the clip on the light.

The clicky switch is responsive, the rubber is neither too stiff or too soft which is nice. Recently I’ve had a few lights where the switches are a bit “odd” and this light is not one of them. The tail cap has a small cut out on it to allow you to get your thumb to the button which is a nice touch. I think the ThorFire C8 had a second revision where they changed the tail cap to allow this cut out for ease of access so it seems that Elfeland made this light from scratch with the better design.

I powered the light up and tossed it into the bath to see if it failed yet after ten minutes it was still lit up and when I dried the outside off and opened it up there was no water inside so it seems nicely sealed and waterproof. I also clicked the light on/off/on a few times because I’ve had leaks from the power switch on other claimed waterproof lights before. This light passed this test easily.

I dropped the light a few times deliberately in the house to see if it cut out, again it was fine. It didn’t even flash off with a break of contact which some of my lights have been known to do.

on scales

head diameter

body length


The beam of this light is neither super floody or super throwy but it is perfect for use around the house or garden.

The light starts off full brightness then drops down to 70, 50 and then flash and strobe. There is no specified lumen rating but hopefully my video will show you how bright it is compared to a ThorFire VG15S and a Convoy S2+.

The light does NOT have a memeory mode. You flick through the modes and once you’ve left it switched off and flick it back on it starts in high. The power button is like a Digital SLR shutter, full click = on/off, half press = mode change.

Video showing modes:

I was pleasantly suprised by the quality of this light. I’ve deliberately put this light at the front of a shelf so that I grab this before grabbing other more expensive lights and I’ve not found myself putting it back to grab something brighter or more expensive. For a <$10 light this light really is quite nice and I’d actually be willing to suggest to some of my friends who don’t want to spend too much on their first light that this would be a good starting point. This light is defintely worth its selling price. I’m confident that if you purchase this light and appreciate the light is <$10 you will be very pleased.

Thanks for the Review. An interesting lamp for this price. Does the lamp have a mode memory? Is it possible to switch off the lamp by 1 click or do you have to switch through the modes?

Hi Hardware, I just read a note from the supplier that asked me to contact them before I posted this!
I’ll re-post this thread with answers to your question tomorrow once Ive heard back from the supplier.

I think they might have been concerned that I was going to be negative about the light considering the price of the light VS what I’ve been playing with recently.

Oh ok, then I'm waiting :).

This is strange. Whats the reason for this? Isnt the review in their favor?

ChibiM, I honestly don’t know. They haven’t even seen my review yet.
I received a light, took some time to write the review and in that time they emailed me. I was off on vacation and didn’t get a chance to write it sooner. I posted the review and was emailing them the link and then saw a message asking me not to post before contacting them.

I’ve reviewed two “cheaper” items for a well known seller. This review was very positive. The other review what I hadn’t even posted will be more negative. I won’t hold off posting the reviews just because they aren’t 5* products etc.
If I get told to hold off on the reviews because they might not be 100% favorable I’ll gladly pay for the items and post the reviews with no concern.

Yeah. That’s a little scary. I jist can’t think of a reason they let you delete it. Anyhow, thanks for the time reviewing the lights!

I deleted it myself as I posted, copied link THEN saw the note asking me to hold off.
I’ll wait to hear from them and see what they say but don’t worry I’ve made it very clear to them that my reviews will be honest.

Neither light I’ve got is “bad”. They’re both cheap lights and you’ve got to expect that. This light punches above its price tag. The other one feels like it’s worth the price and I dont like it.

Either way, 48hrs or so and both reviews will be posted.

I most certainly wont be posting the below video….
no. not me

nor will I answer the question about modes by posting this video

I didnt have a chance to get the big camera out but I think it shows the modes and the comparable brightness quite well.

I’ve just been contacted about this by the seller. There is nothing sinister going on its just that they’ve got a problem at the moment tracking links.
I’ll post the full review on monday but I think the video makes it obvious what light I’ve reviewed.

Hello chrisc.

Thanks for the videos.

Hi All,

Sorry for confusion over me deleting the post before. There was nothing odd going on I assure you.

I’ve now re-posted what I put.

Any questions let me know but the light IS good value for money. I’ve actually given my 4 1/2 year old son my Convoy S2+ to use on his bike and messing around with as I really dont care for it after seeing what this “cheap” light could do compared to it.

In a blind test I held the convoy AND the Elfeland and used them in my garden, in the street and in the house. Everyone thought the Elfeland was the more expensive light!

Did you weigh it with the battery installed?
Their page says: Weight: 119g

Yeah that was with the battery installed

Do protected batteries fit ok?