[Christmas GAW] Regards from Wurkkos!

Go Wurkkos!!!

The TS21 is a solid, well-built flashlight, which has become a favorite.

Would love to see it in a classy shade of mid-to-dark Blue, such as the Slate Blue used by Skilhunt E3A.

Go Wurkkos! Having flashing pads on the driver for firmware updates would be sweet!

Go Wurkkos!

Love my WK30. .
I thought it would be a gimmick with 3 LEDs, (white, Red & UV).
But all three work great, have good beams and function better than I could have ever asked for!
Great run-times with that 26650 battery.

I use the Red LED far more than I expected.

Go Wurkkos!

I love the TS21 with 4000K tint

Go Wurkkos, some good looking lights from a young company

Hi Wurkkos, i have started a new thread with the above posts quoted if you are interested in developing the light

Go Wurkkos!

I really like your flashlights. I think it would be interesting to provide the ability to customize your flashlight 
with writings at the time of purchase. Also I would improve the aesthetic aspect of your penlights. 
All the others are very beautiful

Go Wurkkos!

GAW closed ,will do a Random draw from floor 2-174 and update here soon

done,Congratulations #85 (TS30) #82 (HD15) #57(FC12)

Thanks for the opportunity, congrats to the winners!

Congrats to the winners and thanks Wurkkos for the GAW :wink:
Have a great 2022 :partying_face:

Congratulations to the winners.

Thank you Wurkkos for the GAW. I am sure the winners will be happy to get such nice lights.

Congrats to the winners!

Damn, I was sure I had this one in the bag… :smiley:
Congrats to the three lucky fellas!

Thanks for the GAW Wurkkos and congrats to the lucky winners

Congratulation to the winners and big thanks to Wurkkos :slight_smile:

I appreciate it a lot that nowadays Wurkkos and Co are recording the drawings for the sake of transparency!

Congrats to the winners :+1: