[Christmas GAW] Regards from Wurkkos!

Congratulations #85 (TS30) #82 (HD15) #57(FC12)

Hi BLF friends, Merry Christmas~ :slight_smile::slight_smile:

WURKKOS is not a well-known brand, slowly growing from 2020. We have many shortcomings and with interest and love for lights, we will stick to it and strive to make improvementsIn 2021, we have get a lot of excellent suggestions and a lot of help in the forum. Thank you.

Do you have any expectations for us in 2022? The latest planned models are TS32, HD15R, WK40…

We would like to giveaway TS30, HD15, FC12 to 3 lucky winners.
Rule is simple, just leave the slogan “Go Wurkkos” in the comment, better if could give us advice or something you want to say to us.

Welcome to join our group GAW too :Redirecting...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Go Wurkkos!

Go Wurkkos!

Only advice I would give is to keep doing what you are doing…… listening to the feedback from the forums.

There is a lot of knowledge in here that is willing to help you move forward, you have done a good job of sifting through it and making some good changes. Perfect example is changing the UV wavelength from 295nm to 265nm. Made me buy the light.

“Go Wurkkos”! Any of the TS30, HD15, FC12 flashlights would be a good GAW here on BLF. :+1:

“Go wurkkos” Merry Christmas to you as well.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Go Wurkkos.

Go Wurkkos love my headlamp

Go wurkkos!
Thanks for the GAW
Merry Christmas

Go wurkkos!
I would love to have TS21 with B35AM. It would be perfect all round EDC.

Go Wurkkos, thanks for the giveaway. Keep making good lights at good value.

Go Wurkkos

Go Wurkkos!

One thing that keeps on being mentioned is The Grandma Light. Ie, a light that’s so simple to use that even The Grandma can use it. Like an old-timey flashlight with a slide-switch that only turns on/off, and can sit in a drawer unattended without ruining the battery/-ies.

The old/original SC31 was almost that light, but got more powerful and more complicated with the ’B and ’pro versions. The old big C- and D-cell Maglites would be like that, with just a single on/off switch on the side, but they were heavy, and the switch would be hard to press if you were arthritic.

Or a different approach, a light with a side e-switch but also with built-in charging “just like a phone”, but simple on/off UI only. Something modest like 500lm. I think it was Xiomi that had a simple simple white-colored light like that. Sneered at by “experts”, but it apparently was a good light for The Grandma.

I imagine it could be bigger, for around the house, not kept in a purse for everyday carry, so a 21700 would be a good choice. Like start with the TS21, but with a limited mode for The Muggle and/or The Grandma. Again, maybe simple on/off and 500lm or so. But the button should be very big and prominent for The Grandma to use easily.

Go Wurkkos!

LEDs with a bin that’s slightly rosy (not green) would be nice. E.g. SST20 FA3 4000K

Nice lights! Keep up the great work!

Go Wurkkos

Perhaps consider some AA/14500 offerings.

Go Wurkkos

Thanks for the GAW.

Go Wurkkos! I’ve been really enjoying the lights you’ve been putting out.

Some smaller and simpler lights would be good - I like buying those as gifts for non-enthusiasts!

Go Workkos! Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

I like many of your designs, and especially the high CRI options, please keep that up.
Agreed with the “grandma light” request. The FC11 is pretty close in that regard, and I love it partly for that reason.

Also, what happened to your Thanksgiving GAW? [Thanks Giving GAW]Wurkkos Amazon Black Friday Promotion

Go Wurkkos!

“Go Wurkkos”

Great looking Red ano //

get rid of the dumb unnessesary markings on lights like "hot " or picture of a battery ?? less is more .

“Go Wurkkos”