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Keep it simple, FC11 is a winner because it is simple and easy to use. No need to be better than everything, just keep it simple and budget friendly.

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Perhaps instead of asking for random ideas you could start a thread and design a specific light with our input from the beginning until its finalized?

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The world needs the perfect reading/blackout headlamp, floody and made just for indoor blackout stuff such as playing cards and board games with others, reading a book, working in the kitchen, very long running and not annoying or blinding to others, using a single AA.
Just a soft beam for doing things at arm length and wandering around a dark house, not suitable for hiking or jogging.

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Couldn’t agree more.

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Thanks for the GAW
Thanks for listening.

Go Wurkkos! Thank you for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

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I’m enjoying the colour of my red TS21!

Go Wurkkos. Great company. Looking forward to the future.

Go Wurkkos. Great lights.

Go Wurkkos!

I would like to see AA USB rechargeable flashlights. 2xaa style.

Thank you for the giveaway!

Merry Christmas!

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Something to compete against the SP10 Pro would be nice. I more compact version with a better clip design.

this GAW closed and winners already get the prize, Terry should have updated the winner on the thread or contacted by PM

Go Wurkkos!
Merry Christmas!

we are planning a triple AA/14500 light now, by TIR and high CRI special leds

thanks bro, this sounds interesting, so the main point is:
Simple UI: on/off
bigger size: Make it easier for grandma to find it and use it in the room, 21700 better for choice
Low brightness :500lm, or may be 2 modes—100lm and 500lm?
Side switch with USB Charging port ?

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Let’s do some light with aux rgb leds under the optic and anduril 2 :person_with_crown:
Will be nice if anduril light have flashing pads exposed

Yep. My mum always used to get those craplights by the dozen. All 3×AAA in the carriers. Whether the 4-for-10bux lights with 9 LEDs, or the showerhead lights with 50 LEDs, she would almost buy them in bulk, because the alkaleaks would explode inside and eat away the springs in the carriers, as well as ruin the contacts inside the lights.

They were all simple on/off, would put out decent (if horribly Angry Blue) light when the alkaleaks would be fresh, but as you know, just a short bit of use, and the alkaleaks start to wheeze and coff and the light gets dimmer and dimmer and dimmer.

And once the carrier gets ruined (yeah, I ordered a pile of spare carriers from Amazon), the light itself is pretty much toast anyway because of the ruined contacts.

She never cared for “modes” nor bright/dim, even in the few showerhead lights that had it. Oh, and she always would forget to turn off the lights, putting them face-down so that you couldn’t see if they were on or off without lifting them up. So especially after getting run down to nothing after being left on overnight, the runt of the litter would usually leak and ruin the light.

Hence, her buying those craplights in bulk, and me buying extra carriers.

I did get “Ultrafire” (they’re not) AT01s and lobotomising the crappy driver to bypass the µC entirely. Complete and total POS light, garbage, but figured it was worth a shot. Then ended up like the other craplights.

So one thing I’d REALLY like to see would be a timer, that after 30min-60min of use, it would automatically turn itself off. Maybe 2min of an occasional blink every 10sec or so, and another 1min of a faster blink like every 2sec or so, plenty of time to just touch the switch and reset the timer, but if not done, the light would just happily turn off to protect the cells. That would even protect the light if tossed into a drawer and something hit the switch turning it on.

And finally, a wider spot to be more of a flooder than a thrower. Most old-timers wouldn’t be scouring the backyard at night looking for sleepwalking goats, but looking into a closet, into a cabinet, in a cluttered drawer, or maybe an attic, basement, or unused room. So they wouldn’t necessarily need a spotlight for lots of throw, but a wider-angle area-light.

So even with a dumbed-down version of the UI for The Muggle, a few extra features would make them a great light for The Grandma, addressing those things that few if any lights have.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Go Wurkkos. :+1:

Go Wurkkos!
Merry Christmas and thank you for the GAW.