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Go Wurkkos

I would like to see some flashlights on the CREE XHP70 emitter. Efficiency and power!

Go Wurkkos!
Thanks for the opportunity!

“Go wurkkos”
Merry Christmas and keep on listening to customer feedback making improvements is my best advice.
Thanks for the Giveway.

interested in this project after talk with my team, This is a simple flashlight, but it is not absolutely simple, Contains a lot of caring for older users.
if going with this project, we may need a place talk more and finally determine the functions and materials we need

Go Wurkkos!

Waiting for your C8 class, inexpensive, pocketable and throwy.

Go Wurkkos!

More info about the “Grandma light” can be found here: Interest collect for a new Sofirn design: tube style18650, magnetic ring control, USB-C charging, 500 lm max (AKA grandma light)

Go Wurkkos!
Thanks for the GAW.

Yes, my MIL would welcome very much a floody ‘Grandma Special’. Maybe 2, one ” It must be somewhere, not?” because she forgot where she used it last time, and the second one in the drawer where it should be.

“Go Wurkkos”

Merry Christmas

Go Wurkkos!

I agree with you that the demand for a “grandma” light is fairly large. A first impression of the UI looks simple enough, but the real spec’s are not. In a previous post you revealed some thoughts about it. I firmly disagree with one of your points: NO 21700 battery! Why not, very simple: NO Li-ION battery at all!

If “the general public” considers possession and use of Li-ION cell’s and batteries a risk issue (even in the hands of professionals like BLF-members. Well, at least half of us), it can certainly become a dangerous item in the hands of “grandma”.

I did try to address this in Post 42.
However if the majority think Alkaline/NiMH is the better answer then i can’t complain (which i also addressed).

BTW Wurkkos, having multiple posts in this thread, does that disqualify us for the giveaway?
I hope not.

Go Wurkkos! Keep up the good work and thanks for the giveaway.As for advice, I suggest you peruse this forum. There’s people with a lot of great ideas and info on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to flashlights.

We will Choose the winners from a random floor in this thread, maybe we should open a new tread of the “grandma”

I like this idea :slight_smile:

Go Wurkkos!

Personally I would like to see more flashlights with both rear and side buttons.
Excellent range of lights, keep going!

Go Wurkkos !

Thanks for the giveaway!
Only advice would be; make the side switches like the ones on the TS21 more elegant, i think they can be improved.

Go Wurkkos

Go Wurkkos! thanks for the giveaway.

Go Wurkkos!

Agree with other comments. Your lights are great because they’re easy to use. Your matte anodising is also very nice.

Go Wurkkos

Merry Christmas!

Go wurkkos!
Thanks for the GAW
Merry Christmas.