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Here is our 95+ DIY Project:

Here is our 90+ DIY Project: and

Here is our 80+ DIY Project:

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How to DIY the 3000W world's Brightest DIY LED Lighting Panels

Another DIY Video, teach you how to DIY: Turning Smashed TVs into Realistic Artificial Daylight with our CRI 97+ daylight White LED Strip Light:

Below is one customer's feedback on our CRI 95+ Spotlight:

Below are some customer's feedbacks on our CRI 97+ daylight white:

Testing report of our CRI 97+ Daylight White led strip light:

Below are some DIY project from our friend DIY Perks, he used our CRI 95+ and 97+ to DIY LED Panel Lights for camera or photography:

Below is our 97+ daylight white for student exhibition at university:

Below pictures are from our some other customers' DIY projects with our High CRI 95+ COB LED for Umbrella lights:

300W+300W Four Channel CCT Tunable COB LED Double Color: Warm White + Cool White DC49V 6.1A

Use our 200W COB LED Daylight White to DIY LED project lamp:

Use our 300W COB LED Daylight White to DIY projector:

Use our 200W COB LED Daylight White to DIY Sauna room sunshine:

Welcome to BLF! As it happens, I just ordered a couple of bulbs from you, looking forward to getting and testing those.

Hi maukka,

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Great to see you here, really liked the E27 5000K CRI 95 spotlight bulbs I bought from you.

Hi Bruce,

You have some interesting products.

Can you accept PayPal?


These look amazing.

I’m thinking of buying this. Why is it more expensive than the other colour changing bulbs with similar features? Are there better components used in it which will last longer? cause I don’t want to spend a lot on something which ends up failing in 1-2 years.

Hi VaKo,

We are glad you are satisfied with our products, welcome to shopping more at our store next time again,

We think you also like our this E27 40W 95+ Daylight white led corn bulbs, here is the link:

or this link:

40W: Daylight white 5500K-6000K:
Below is 30W Warm White: 3000K-3500K:

Hello again.

I would like to know if you have lower power bulbs(800-1500 lumens), and in a smaller package.

While 3000-4000 lumens of high CRI goodness if superb, that is absolute overkill for me.

Thank you.

Hi Ilumenati,

Yes, we accept paypal, we have our ebay store and amazon store, we have Amazon FBA shippment if you buy from Amazon inventory.

Here is our ebay store:

Here is our amazon store:

Hi BlueSwordM,

Please take a look this High CRI RA95 E27 7W COB LED Bulb Lamp LED Spotlight, the lumen is Warm white: 600LM-650LM, nature white, daylight white and pure white: 650lm-700lm, hope you like it.

Here is some other customer's feedback on our this CRI 95+ COB Spotlight:


1: Type: COB LED Spotlight

2: Base Type: E27
3: Wattage: 7W(depends upon of its real power,tested about 7.5W, just for reference)
4: Chip Model: COB LED
5: Voltage: AC85-265V
6: Lumen: Warm white 600LM-650LM, nature white, daylight white and pure white: 650lm-700lm
7: Material:Aluminum Case, good for heat dissipation
8: Color Temperature: Warm White 3000K, Neutral White 4000K, daylight White 5000K, pure white 6000K
Here is our customer testing report on our this 7W CRI 95+ COB LED Lamp
Warm White 3000K:
Daylight White 5000K:
Pure White 6000K:
Neutral White 4000K:

Hi Th558,

Thank you for your focus on our products,

This Smart LED Bulbs WiFi E27 7.5W RGBCW Dimmable is our new products this year, yes, you think our price is expensive than other seller at aliexpress store, but we promise our product's quality is better than others, and we offer better customer service than other sellers. Please don't worry about its working time, because we can offer customers lifetime warranty. Hope you understand.

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Thanks for joining the party, DIY LED U-HOME!

Hi raccoon city,

Nice to meet you,

This picture woman is the Resident evil movie's female leading role, I like her.



So, you got my attention with this…
Smart Bulb Alexa Google Home Voice Control Smart WiFi E27 7.5W RGBCW Dimmable LED Bulbs

I run Home Assistant as a home automation package. It is very aware of many types of light bulbs, I am wondering if any testing has been done with HA outside of the catchy Amazon and Google platforms? I am not a coder, but if there is any openness to the protocol that is required for the bulb to work… I could be implemented.

It looks like it may be supported through the Tuya Smart Home integration. Would be interesting to test!

Thanks Matt

Yep, she's easy on the eyes and good at action sequences in films.

My avatar, user name, and signature all have to do with Resident Evil as well.

I tested some of these products using Sekonic C-800-U. I tested the 4000K before too and I remember it was good but I lost the results and not going to pull the strip out for testing now.

Marswalled 5630 DC12V 60LED/m 95CRI 2800K-3200K
CCT: 3161K
DUV: –0.0057
CRI (Ra): 96.4
R9: 97.1
R12: 89.2
Rf: 95
Rg: 104

Marswalled E27 LED Corn Light Bulb, CRI Ra 95 Warm White
CCT: 3245K
CRI (Ra): 96.7
DUV: –0.0021
R9: 85.8
Rf: 92
Rg: 100
Blue Peak: 0.59

yeah, I see your avatar is sun umbrella, I have already watched All resident evil movies, I think the resident evil 1st is the best, maybe it's the beginning.

Hi mattlward,

Thank you for your time,

Most of Smart led light bulbs support to work with Amazon and Google platforms, but we don't test them, if you have time, could you buy one our smart bulb to test it? We appreciate your help very much.

Best regards,


Dear SKV89,

Thank you for your testing, here is our testing report of 95+ led strip light and 95+ led bulb, the 95+ led bulb has the same led chips as our 95+ led strip light, now the R9 of new batch 95+ led bulb is better than before you bought, the R9 we are always trying best to improve our technology and led chips.

Below is 95+ led chip's daylight white 5550K testing report, RA 97.3, R9 is 99.1

Below is 97+ led chip's daylight white 5381K testing report, RA 98.3, R9 is 99.11

Below is our latest batch 97+ daylight white led chip's testing report from our factory, we used SEKONIC SPECTROMASTER C-800 equipment to test. Because some customers reported that our 97+ led strip light daylight white has slight green tint, so we have already asked our factory's engineer re-adjust the R9, R11 value.

One of our customer analyzed this problem, he said that as below:

I tested this Vs my aperture 300d on skintones and I'd say the colour reproduction is as good however you will notice a slight green tint Vs aperture leds but aperture leds add magenta tints to their elements in front of the LEDs to combat this. 1/8th minus green gel makes it look perfect.