Claws from CNQG

CNQG still sells these — 22, 26, and 31mm size

Boyou (brand name, shiny chrome clips stamped with their name)
EDIT, hat tip to antiparanoico below, they’re available at
— still listed at AliExpress but none actually for sale

Berkeleypoint (McGizmo reseller) is still there and has the McGizmo clips
Mini / Micro / Nano / Pico Clip - Stainless - Berkeley Point & Suncor Stainless

Don M’s web page is still there:
I don’t see his clips for sale there. Great marine animal pictures though.

There are other shapes and sizes similar to these out there; some discussion and pointers here:

Caution: any with too weak a spring, if hung from a belt loop, can twist so the cloth presses the gate in, and lo, you’ve lost something.
(same way climbers pop a rope out of a carabiner, by getting the rope over the gate so it folds in)

I like McGizmo’s the best for feel/pressure/reliability. Pricey, though.

Thank you for these informations Hank, here are my favourites

My favoutites:

Intl-utdoor doesn’t seem to carry the Boyou lobster claw clips any longer, and CNQG’s website registration is expired. If anyone knows what’s become of CNQG, info welcome.


I have asked the same question.

There is no official explanation as to what happened.